Style Up For Your Big Day With Exquisite Blouse Collections

Style Up For Your Big Day With Exquisite Blouse Collections

The elegance of a saree is complimented by the blouse. Even an austere saree can be teamed up with a luxuriant blouse and do magic. Whether the attire is a saree or a lehenga, the blouse is an essential part of it. Its styling can be done in innumerable number of designs.

@dsignd# by Jeevitha Perumal is a boutique that offers the best designer blouses in town that customizes to each woman’s distinct personality. Here’s a collection of some of their designs for your special occasion!

Amethyst blouse with gold and silver thread work and a golden string tassel

Royal red blouse with golden quarter-length worked sleeves bound by a red border 

Complete design on the back with hanging ornamental tassels 

 A fully worked emrald green blouse with gold peacock tassels.

A checked green blouse with manga stonework design 

Heavily worked blouse with stonework and pearls. The contrasting colors of red and green compliment the gold and pearl. 

Red blouse with checkered gold design on the back and sleeves. Embroided motifs lined at the bottom. 

Crimson red blouse with gold stonework centered with green stones. 

Magenta blouse with gold thread work and green liners 

Neon pink blouse with geometrical designs made of blue stonework.

Copper sulphate blue blouse with a high neck made interesting with printed figurine in contrasting pink with golden lined short sleeves. 

Royal purple blouse with peacock feather designs in gold attached with hanging tassels. 

Crimson Red blouse with high neckline. Neckline and ends of sleeves is adorned with linings of gold. In contrast to the red, green motifs are added.

Pearled blouse to be paired along with beautiful pearl bangles