12 Unique Blouse Designs - A Blend Of Traditional Opulence And Western Charm

12 Unique Blouse Designs - A Blend Of Traditional Opulence And Western Charm

Walk into the world of @r-for-rupamani# and you feel as though you have entered the ultimate shrine of contemporary style and panache. With decks and decks of Kanjeevaram sarees and unique blouses lining the perimeter you’ll feel you have witnessed the epitome of nouveau fashion. Rupa is taking the fashion industry by a storm and redefining the concept of the traditional saree and blouse duo! She crafts an inimitable fusion of parallel styles that brings forth a rare blend of culture and contemporary.

Rupa’s unique blouse designs are a perfect blend of traditional opulence and western charm creating a magnum opus that seems fitting for today’s women. Having managed to strike out on her own she has challenged how women perceive a blouse.  What was earlier seen as just an ordinary assistant piece of clothing that hides behind the saree, is now turning into a platform for contemporary experimentation, innovative embellishments, extraordinary fabrics and whatnot. RforRupamani’s famous blouse designs include some great works like:

Elizabethan touch to the classic Indian blouse that adds meaning and symbolism to fashion.

Classic Victorian ruffled sleeve blouse that adds a twist to tradition.

Royal motifs embossed onto the classy Kanjeevaram creates a look that is a unique as it is special.

Zardozi the quintessential gold embroidery work on blouse that adds unblemished beauty to the classic blouse.

The Ultra-chic neck creates a runaway worthy fashion forward look!

A royal blue beauty that works on any saree, any occasion!

The beautifully embellished umbrella sleeve blouse that's every on lookers fancy!

Ornate blouse with sprung gold threadwork that creates a head turner look.

The golden work of art that adds a magnificent appeal to your appearance.

The peacock motif and the extraordinary stonework add up to creat a blouse that speaks louder than a saree.

The stunning blouse is an embllished wonder that adds a dash of eccentric charm to your demeanor!

A design so unique that your soul will dance to the tunes of this designer blouse!

Suffice to say; when it comes to the breaking the mould RforRupamani undoubtedly takes home the crown. Whether you like royalty or drama, magnificence or easy cuts, sleek silhouettes or monochrome there’s something for everyone at RforRupamani. From prints and colors to fabrics and contrasting textures these blouse designs will meet and exceed your expectations CONSISTENTLY.