To Stand Out In A Crowd, You Need To Do Things Differently! Embracing Trend While Embarking Traditions!

To Stand Out In A Crowd, You Need To Do Things Differently! Embracing Trend While Embarking Traditions!

To be honest, wanting to be different than the rest is what's trending every corner of the world right now. It is very important to be different, to create your own individuality and a style that is purely yours. We have Sathya Mantra on talks that are going to help brides embrace trend while still getting back to the roots of our beautiful traditions too.


Brides are starting to love these heavy worked blouses these days. It also depends on the designers who help them with the designs. Some designers are fond of cut works, a few meenakari works and so on.


At Mantra, we don't do way to much cut works. We encourage more Zardosi works with high quality stones, which make the work look grand and royal on stage, under the lights. We have brides asking for long sleeve blouses that are definitely heavy embellished.


It's wonderful to work with brides who love experimenting new styles. They are bent on creating new styles for themselves some of them take steps to step aside from trends and that's what motivates designers to give in more.


Contrast color blouses are quite the trend these days. I would advise brides not to go in for the same kind of blouses, but also, I wouldn't suggest too much contrast. It should be according to the style the bride needs it to be.


At Mantra, we make sure we get prior details on the Brides style, the wedding colors, jewelry details, make-up, the rest of the outfit, the crowd that would be in for the wedding and how comfortable the bride is to carry off the designs we come up with, for them.


But the most important of all that I've always known is the Brides attitude. Not all brides can pull of the same kind of designs. Each bride is unique and beautiful in her own way. The designer's job is to accentuate it.


I personally feel intricate zardosi should be tried on by every bride. French knots, kundan works of the sorts is what I'd prefer than the usual cut-work trends.


Brides love these pastel pink shades or blue-green shades more these days but I would say, go in for traditional colors too! Colors that are unique and special for South Indians like bright mustard, bottle green, magenta pink and many more remind us of the Traditional vibes, our South Indian weddings can add to the occasion.


In fact, South Indian Weddings are still holding on to lovely pieces of Traditional and once in a while brides need to step aside from trend and get to the roots of Traditions that are just ours.


About the time a bride should be able to give a designer to work on a blouse is quite important. A well timed 25-30 days for the designing and stitching, including the trial-fitting could be the best timing. Before this however, the saree should be ready before atleast 50 days to the Big Day giving it a time of 40 days for blouse selection, designing, stitching and fitting overall.


Wishing all the bride-to-be's out there, the best ahead and I'm going to keep encouraging brides to learn to embrace trends but also to stand out in a crowd and get to the roots of traditions once in a while!