A Celebration Of New Beginnings That's Bound To Inspire You!

A Celebration Of New Beginnings That's Bound To Inspire You!

Shopzters is proud to share the wedding story of Preethi and Gautham whose engagement story-http://shopzters.com/engagement-diaries/a-heartwarming-tale-of-love-hope-and-acceptance broke the internet with their heartwarming tale of love! Gautham broke the norms and stereotypes in joining hands and making a happy family with Preethi and her daughter Riya. He paved a way by example and has given hope and light, in an otherwise judgmental society.

Being a designer by profession, Preethi gave her heart and soul in preparation for their big day. She designed all the outfits for her betrothed, her daughter Riya and all her close family members.

Gautham and she rightly chose the theme of their wedding as “Vaaranam Aaiyiram”. Preethi candidly talks about her admiration for the strength it took her man to accept her and get his entire family to open their arms to her as well! They incorporated the elephant designs in their invitations, décor and return gifts.

Preethi and Gautham’s family were extremely accepting and saw their wedding as a celebration of love and life. The most touching moment for Preethi was when her entire family along with her daughter, walked her down the aisle. She recollects being happy and overwhelmed to pass every one of her friends and family who were her pillars of strength and support through tough times.

She also recollects the Sangeet ceremony fondly were their closest friends and family members who made a difference in their life took part, laughed, danced and celebrated their coming together. Her most emotional moment was when Gautham was asked the question of why he had chosen Preethi. His response was “I am lucky to have twice the love a person can get” referring to her daughter Riya and herself!

She also says that it was super fun organizing and coming up with this event where they practised choreographed dance routines with 30 of their closest friends and 23 of Riya’s friends.

Preethi fondly recollects how Riya was beaming with excitement throughout all the functions! A heartfelt gesture from Riya after the wedding made the couple teary-eyed. Riya had put all her savings together and bought a perfume for her mother and a watch for her father along with a framed picture of their family together labelling it “We are family!”. Now, how heartwarming is that?

Every detail of the wedding was done tastefully with love. Preethi carefully chose to drape different fabrics for different ceremonies and used unique work and styles for her blouses. The décor was sourced from their competent staff who used flowers, fabrics and terracotta to keep the décor earthy and natural. Preethi had customized shirts and block printed on veshtis for the closest circle.  The smallest of details were given attention and planned as per their vision.

Food was an added delight to the celebration where they had traditional Tamil breakfast and Andhra feast for lunch. They even made sure to bring in sweets and snacks from Andhra to maintain the taste and authenticity of the dishes.

The couple looked great together and Preethi was glowing more than ever! She says the secret to her happy skin was going the no-facial route, applying only aloe to her face and using rosewater to keep dark circles at bay. Though she was busy and coordinated the entire event until the very last minute, she advises the brides-to-be to sleep well, eat healthy and drink loads of water. Her main advice is to stay happy, stress-free and cheerful!

We are happy to feature such a heartfelt and reassuring wedding story. It gives us hope and faith in people and our society. After hearing their love story, we are reminded of Rumi’s poetry-

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 


Lehanga and blouses – Riya by Preethi Raj

Sarees – @tulsi-silks-1# and Utppalakshmi Chennai and Prakash silks, Kanchipuram

Jewellery- Sayar, Devrajnensee, Challani, Rajmandir, Grt, Jaipur gems and @vbj#

Candid video and photography - @lights-shadows-by-siva#

Traditional photography n video - L.R.Swami

Make up: Kabookimua - Sringashyam

Prakatwork - @prakatwork#

Beauty Artistry by ReethuGuna

Choreography - ReethuGunaleo and Vibitha

Mehendi – Nafla Mehendi Aura

Decorators - Mehak

Thirunavukarasu and team