A Mother’s Beautiful Bride

A Mother’s Beautiful Bride

This bride and groom must have crossed paths a hundred times, and yet they met each other through a marriage proposal her friend arranged for. Shopzters loves love stories with such beautiful happy endings, this one is no exception. Nithya and Pradeep were introduced to each other through a common friend, only to find out that he was her senior in college. However, they had never known each other personally until the proposal arrived. Slowly as she got to know him, they realised that they fit into each other’s lives perfectly. The proposal was confirmed by September and their wedding followed by June. Here is her story

Our engagement was held in March at Residency. For the function I wore a traditional sari from Prakash in Kanchipuram. And my husband wore a tuxedo he got made from Coimbatore. All my jewellery for every single one of the functions was from Sumangali in Coimbatore. I developed a very comfortable relationship with my make-up artist from Angel beauty parlour, Erode and so she ended up taking care of my make-up throughout the wedding ceremonies. This wedding wouldn’t have been possible without my mother’s help. She took all the initiative, taking on more responsibility than a mother do

I had two bachelorette parties, which were more like a day out with my friends. One was in Bangalore with my college friends and then there was another one at Coimbatore with my friends from school.

My friends also organised a Haldi for me which was followed by a Sangeet function. I didn’t dress up for the Haldi and just wore a simple salwar suit. For the Sangeet however, one of my friends suggested Moksha as they have a great collection, which was great advice because I picked up a beautiful Lehenga from there. My husband wore a kurta pyjama which he picked up from Manyavar, Bangalore, which is where he did most of his shopping from. The Sangeet has to be the most fun function, all my friends were there and it came out so well. I don’t get a chance to see my aunts dancing, they are usually shy but they were so happy and excited at the Sangeet that it felt great. 

This was followed by a Mehendi function, where I wore a lehenga I had got for myself a while back. But my favourite part of this ceremony was the jewellery my friends got made especially for me, everything was made from fresh flowers and looked so beautifully delicate. My Mehendi Artist was Meeta, from Saibaba colony and she did such an amazing and detailed job. She has a lot of experience and it shows in her work. 

For the wedding day my husband wore a traditional dhoti and I wore an elegant sari which I got from Prakash Silks, Coimbatore.

The Reception was held Coimbatore, since that is where we both are from. On this day I wore a sari I picked up from @a-s-babu-sah# in Kanchipuram, they have some brilliant designs to choose from. My husband wore a sharp tuxedo which he picked up from Paresh Lamba in Bangalore.

@sai-lakshmi# by Madhamwati Rangaraj was in charge of the food for the function, and all the guests were very happy with the quality and service. The backdrop for all our functions was done by Nagaraj, he’s been a family friend for 15 years so know his work and were confident of his skills

es and the credit for the success of all the events goes to her. She decided on everything and personally saw to every detail. She was especially particular about my clothes being perfect and didn’t want to compromise at all.

@the-memory-writers# did the photography for all our events and we felt really comfortable with them. He had previously covered my friend’s weddings and so we already knew of him. But as we began our journey, we got to know him better and developed a rapport with him.

The most emotional moment for me was the thali moment where he kissed me, as it signified that we had officially become each other’s. Our one year of courtship was so long and we had restrictions but this special moment put an end to it as we began a new journey.

My only advice for future brides is that you should pose well for photos, especially for the candid shots. My husband was very particular I shouldn’t cry for the thali shot, because it is a memorable moment and the picture came out brilliant.

For our honeymoon we went to Phuket and Krabi for a week. Both of us wanted the vacation to be by the beach and this seemed like a great option.