A Muslim Wedding That Tells Tales Of Grandeur And Exuberance In Every Frame

A Muslim Wedding That Tells Tales Of Grandeur And Exuberance In Every Frame

For the doctor couple who fell in love with each other in college, what prevailed was a very true love story that laid ahead of them. With the guy being a dermatologist and the girl who pursued her MBBS, they had endured a very short span of love life and with the blessings from the elderly, they were lawfully wed very soon. Sidiq speaks to Shopzters about his lady love Afnan and the various attributes of their wedding day.

She was my junior in college when I was pursuing my masters. She visited my class very often. I began to like her so much and we started our journey as friends and it was not long before we fell for each other. With the support of our family and friends we were happily married in the month of July.

Since we had a very short period of time for planning our wedding, we did not have much time left for shopping. We had to do all in a hurry but it was worth it all in the end.

We had four events, the Mehendi, the Nalungu, the Wedding and the Reception. All the outfits worn by me were from @gabbana-life#, Chennai. My wife’s outfits were from Bangalore and Mumbai. The purple dress she wore for the Mehendi was from Roopkala in Mumbai, the Red dress for the reception was from Miraj, Bangalore and the wedding saree was from @a-s-babu-sah# in Kancheepuram.

We handed over the Décors to Murali from @vivahhika#. This was my choice since all my friends were his loyal customers and they can’t stop talking about his works. All of Vivahhika’s decors have been a class apart and they are the ones who can do wonders even with the minimal of budget you provide them with. He rendered an amazing job with all types of imported flowers and the like.

We chose @vipin# for all our traditional and candid photography needs. He is considered to be one of South India’s best. Since this wedding of ours is going to be once in a lifetime kind of experience we want it to be handed over to the best. We enjoyed all the candid shots by him.

My wife and I are very thankful to @vipin# and @vivahhika# for having done wonders within a very short span of time. There wasn’t much time for planning but still their outputs were brilliant.

My wife’s Mehendi was done by a professional from North India.Our wedding took place in Hotel Femina, Trichy and the food served by them was fulfilling and on point.

@bridal-studio-noor#, being a friend of my family’s and having liked his works earlier, we thought we should have him do the makeover for my bride. He did an amazing job and made my wife looked all the more beautiful in the 4 different looks.

Afnan is basically from Saudi and hence most of the jewellery she wore were from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Whereas, we own a jewellery store called Rahmathullah Jewellery and some were made for her from there.

As far as pre-bridal beauty regimes were concerned, being a Dermatologist myself, I gave her few products for a glowing skin. We also underwent few chemical peelings to bring out some natural shine and glow.

After the hectic wedding, we headed out to Maldives for a five-day honeymoon. We have also planned one trip around Europe in the near future.