A Quintessential Arranged Marriage of Two Souls Who Were Meant-to-Be!

A Quintessential Arranged Marriage of Two Souls Who Were Meant-to-Be!

When bubbly Vishnu Priya met her quiet and composed groom, Mohan in a family arranged temple meeting, she immediately responded with a “yes”. She recollects wanting to ask a 100 questions and is still amazed at how she consented immediately.

Theirs was a typical arranged marriage and they stuck to old school wooing. They spoke as friends and didn’t go out until the bride’s dad nodded in agreement. They neither uttered the 3 magical words nor held hands but subtly exchanged love notes as to why they liked each other. Isn’t this what all the love songs and poems are about?

Let’s hear what the bride says about her wedding planning.

“Ours was a typical Gounder wedding and I wanted everything from décor to our clothes to be simple, classy and elegant.

For my wedding sarees, I went to Kancheepuram and bought sarees from @a-s-babu-sah# and Prakash silks. I didn’t want the typical conventional reds and yellows. Both the shops had a wide range of collections and were patient and friendly. They understood my taste and showed me such beautiful collections in rare pastel shades just like I wanted.

My wedding blouses were designed by @anya-where-tradition-meets-fashionclothing#, Coimbatore. I was a regular there and they designed classy and neat blouses for me.

I bought my jewellery from Designer Exclusivo. They have a very limited collection out of which every piece stands out. I also bought jewellery from Lakshmi jewellery, Tiruppur and @sumangali-jewellersshoppingretail#, Coimbatore.

The décor for all the events was done by @the-event-tale# by Shopzters. They were extremely professional, understood what I wanted and customized as per my wishes and within my budget. We were extremely pleased with the results and the guests were all appreciating the beautiful setup!

My makeup artist was Maya from Tiruppur. She helped me be myself with natural-looking makeup. She also customized my hairdos and flowers.

My mehendi artist was Vaishali from Tiruppur, who incorporated my whole courtship period camouflaged in my mehendi design.

The photography and videography were covered by @the-photo-today#, Coimbatore. We both are a camera-shy couple. Understanding that, they were very friendly, patient and didn’t pressurize us to pose. We loved their candid photography and how discreetly they covered the events without disturbing the guests.

As for my beauty routine, I didn’t follow any. I just ate healthy, hydrated myself and slept well. I made sure to have a beet and carrot juice every day. I had zero stress during the planning as my sister and brother-in-law supported and helped me at every stage. They were my backbone and kept me relaxed. I believe that a happy bride is a pretty bride!


We had a pre-honeymoon at Spice tree, Munar. It is a beautiful isolated private paradise and we felt relaxed in our own cocoon. We are yet to go on our honeymoon and the plans are hush hush as my husband wants to surprise me!

The most fun part of our wedding was the water fight we had. Both of us have a lot of cousins who started a fun water fight. It was an upbeat and vibrant part of our wedding.

For someone who grew up reading romantic novels, Mohan is a realist and least romantic. Once we started our life together and understood each other he went to great lengths and surprised me. For me, he will always be my Prince charming!”