An Alluring Christian Destination Wedding Of Chennai Makeup Artist Leimi

An Alluring Christian Destination Wedding Of Chennai Makeup Artist Leimi

Leimi Phinao, the most talented makeup artist and her prince charming, Thitngam Roel who works in the U.S took their wedding vows in a beautiful destination wedding set up on the 14th of February 2017, amidst an eliciting crowd of friends and family.

Let's hear it from Leimi, who took over and planned all her wedding needs and executed a beautiful wedding.

"We've been in a relationship since 2009 and thought that this was the right time to tie the knot and hence went ahead in planning our wedding.

We had three events. One, the traditional send-off ceremony, a traditional ceremony we celebrate in Nagaland. It took place at a resort in ECR. Even though we were far away from home, we wanted everything to be top notch traditional. Our outfits, jewelry, everything. My dad's father happens to be the king of our village and we were pretty serious about following our customs and traditions.

My makeup was by my sister, Leiya, who was my trainer at MAC too. 

The second event was the beach wedding, a typical Christian wedding with lots of colour and fun. My outfit was a flowy gown designed by Lovely from Delhi. She operates from a small shop but did wonders. She gave me an output just like how I imagined it to be.

His suit was from Raymond.

Photography needs were taken care of by Vignesh from Studio 8 frames. Out of so many options I chose him since he was very spontaneous and he sure did an amazing job. His team was there at the venue since 7 am and did not leave until 12 am. He even managed to send up to 2000 pictures in a matter of three days. I must admit that I wouldn't have been able to find a better person to capture our special moments.

Decorations were my own DIY. I enquired with several people and they were pretty expensive and hence with the help of Veera at Mahabalipuram, I shopped my own essentials and got things done.

It is always essential to have 2 liters of water every day since it helps in tightening the pores. It was pretty stressful for me since nobody from my family knew Tamil and I had to manage everything. 

Make sure to follow the routine of applying night creams and to never leave the house without sunscreen.

Since both of us have been busy since the wedding, we've planned on going on a honeymoon trip to the Maldives in may!