As The Wedding Bells Rang, Her Dreams Came Alive!

Longtime friends turning into an amazing couple and having a magical wedding, is not something you can come across every other day! Hear from Radhey, the beautiful Bride who dazzled like a doll on her Wedding Day and managed to pulled off things just the way she wanted it to be. She has a beautiful story explaining how she managed to remain ‘stress free’ through all the wedding hassle…actually, we didn’t see a single trace of ‘hassle’ in that story! You definitely need to find out ‘how’!

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you! Yes, it happened to me too. I'm so excited to reminisce my wedding that happened a year back. I'm a dentist by profession and my husband, Adrian, is into shipping and logistics.

We knew each other since school days because we used to go to the same church but we never spoke back then. Later he went to Dubai for work and that was when the light bulb switched on for us.

We got connected through social media and it was love at first sight for him, but still we started off as friends and later love blossomed. It was a love + arranged marriage. We got married a year after our courtship period. During the gap, I had so many things on my mind for the wedding and was able to pull it off quite well.

It was a classy and elegant Christian wedding. The wedding took place at NLAG Church Saidapet, and the reception was at HILTON , Guindy.

The first thing which hits everyone’s mind when they hear about a Christian Wedding is the gown. Since I had ample time, I went to the United Kingdom, where my sister lives and got my gown done there. Accessories were also from The Diamond Store, UK. Wedding shoes were picked from Pavers England, Express Avenue.

Now, The bridesmaids! They were my sisters and friends from college. Just a week before the wedding, the bridesmaids’ gowns were done. We went to Nalli, T.Nagar and selected the fabric. The design was fixed on my mind for the gowns and was stitched by a tailor from fountain plaza. She did a wonderful job. Since my friends couldn't find time to accompany me, they followed the color code and wore sarees.

For the reception I wore a Lehenga. After a huge search in all the boutiques in Chennai, I finally selected my attire from Moksha. Moksha specializes in bridal collection. Though they are expensive I love the work and collections which they have. 

Oh, the Jewellery! Since I'm an antique craze, even if I wear gold I want it to be shown out in an elegant way. So I picked my choker set and antique bangles from PGP, opposite to Stella Maris College. PGP (Prakash Gold Palace), have huge collections of Antique and Bridal Jewellery. Their work is so intricate that any bride can fall in love with their jewellery instantly.

The foot wear for the reception was bought from Koblerr, Anna Nagar. Our wedding happened at NLAG church, Saidapet and the reception was at Hilton, Guindy. I was very particular about the reception happening at the hotel because it comes as a package along with the catering and everything. So we needn't panic about getting a changing room, arranging for a caterer and chairs. Needless to say that the Hilton staffs were very helpful and cooperative. They understood my needs and catered to them accordingly. Thanks to the team at Hilton.

The Decorations were amazingly executed by Mr. Murugan. We got in touch with him when we were checking out the banquet hall at Hyatt. He does the Decors for almost all the five star Hotels .

The church wedding decorations and the bridal bouquet were replicated with the help of a picture I showed him. And to my surprise, he exactly did what I showed him in the picture. I felt very happy and contended.

My make-up was done by the very famous, Ibrahim and team. I contacted him just two weeks before the wedding and by the Grace of God he was available on my wedding day. His team did a fabulous job. Not only the make-up, they cooled me down and cracked jokes and altogether they pulled it off amazingly well. Thanks to Mr. @make-up-ibrahim#, Mr.Shabas, Mr.Vijay Raghavan and Mrs. Anu.

I’ve got to mention this one thing, one make-up artist I got in touch with, before Ibrahim for my wedding, was so inclined on money being deposited first thing before the wedding day. But when I asked about the money deposit to Ibrahim, he politely told that he will complete the work and after the wedding day when everything is settled down they will collect it. Not all make-up artists can do this. This not only reflects his character but also his humility. Kudos to the whole team!

Photography was by two teams, one was a candid photography team and the other a conventional one. Candid photography was by Creative Wedding Photography headed by Hari and his team who did a wonderful job. The other one was by Konica and team. Hari was not only our photographer but also our friend. Few of my friends saw my wedding pictures and booked him for their weddings too. So the entire team of @cwp# did a lovely job.

The music for our wedding was played by Jotham and his team. He is a gospel instrumentalist and the crowd loved his serene music.

Our Honeymoon wasn't planned because few months after the wedding, we migrated to New Zealand, the famous honeymoon destination for all newly married couples.

My advice to all the to-be-brides out there, a month before the wedding make sure you maintain a diet which contains full of essential nutrients and vitamins which can make your skin glow naturally.

Thanks to my Mom who made sure I was regular on my juices. I stuck on to a juice diet, having juices three times a day. Carrot and pomegranate juices can create a lot of difference. Facials improve the blood circulation on your face. So I took fruit facials which had natural fruit like banana or papaya extracts. I didn't opt for chemical facials at all. Facials were done by Mrs. Maggi, she was working for Green trends. She used to come home on a regular basis for the facials. So there was no need for me to roam in the sun.

Drink plenty of water and make sure you get enough sleep. Make sure you are not stressed about anything. Above all just leave everything in prayers to God he will take care of the rest!