Bride of the month - January'15!

Bride of the month - January'15!

There have been quite a few weddings that have mesmerised the readers with their flamboyance and rich display of colour. But this one, beats them all! This Hyderabad wedding had everything in it to make it one of the most stunning weddings ever. The effervescent bride, the calm and composed groom, the spectacular decor, the classy bridal trousseau and not to forget the brilliant pics that bring out the essence of the wedding - every thing was taken care of so meticulously and the outcome is indeed remarkable! I am sure this wedding is gonna inspire a lot of you for your wedding preparation! Meet Anuhya Reddy, the vivacious bride as the bride of the month :)

Hello everyone! My name is Anuhya. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad and did my undergrad from the University of California in Riverside. Sanjeev and I met last year in Hyderabad through our families and we immediately liked each other. It was evident that both of us had a lot in common - we both liked to travel, engage in fun outdoor activities and cooking! We were engaged soon after and got married a few months later in December at N Convention Centre in Hi-tech city.

We had only three months to do the wedding preparation, but I did not feel any pressure thanks to my family and friends. The wedding shopping, coordination, and sangeet practices took up most of my time during those three months, but I also took some time to exercise and do a bit of kick boxing every morning.

Lovely idea to add some more fun to the sangeetWhat a gorgeous lehenga!?The golden glitzy blouse - always a hit

For my wedding saree, I bought my pink(wedding) and yellow (reception) pattu sarees from Tulsi Silks in Chennai. I like their unique designs, and I also previously bought from them, so I decided to go back there again. In addition to the wedding and reception sarees, I also bought more sarees from them for other functions.

Drooling over this home decor! Steal this idea girls The retro garlands are making a comeback!

For my Pradhanam, I got my lehenga from Elahe, which was designed by Minaxi Dadoo. I like Minaxi because she has a different sense of style and has really bright colours. For my Sangeet, I ordered the dress from Delhi after I saw a picture of it online.

Vegetable garland!!! Who would have thought of this idea?!

My Mehendi lehenga and saree blouses were done by Vaishali, who I have known for many years. Vaishali also designed Sanjeev’s sherwani for the sangeet, and for many other family members.

I bought most of my jewellery from Kishandas, who we have been buying from for many years. I bought my bangles in Laad Bazaar near the Charminar.

There were a number of other skilled artists, decorators, and photographers who played a role in the event. The Wedding mehendi was done by Jigna Metha. We had a simple mehandi function at home that was attended by close friends and family.

The makeup was done by Edward and Anjai Raj. I have known them for so many years now and as always, they did a great job.My wedding decor was the highlight. We had different decors for each event and had even decorated our home beautifully. For the sangeet, we had a colourful rajasthani decor and for the wedding, we had a classic venkatachalapathy decor and artistic decor with Tanjore paintings.

I came up with the designs with the help of my friend and also getting some ideas from Pinterest and other websites, that were executed to perfection by Mr.Sridhar.

Classy and rich Artistic! A definite show stealer

The photography and videography was taken care of by Amar Ramesh (@studio-a#) and his team from Chennai. Amar was very friendly to work with and he took some amazing photographs and captured the key moments in a very professional manner. We also had a fun outdoor/pre wedding photo shoot at some nice architectural places in Hyderabad.

For our honeymoon Sanjeev and I went to New Zealand and Australia - it was a relaxing trip, but also included a lot of fun activities from parasailing and bungee jumping to watching the Sydney New Years celebrations in front of the Opera House. One of our favorite parts was visiting a Maori tribal village in New Zealand and learning about their culture. We even learned how to do the Haka dance.