Bride Of The Month - July'15!

Bride Of The Month - July'15!

Such a sweet girl she is! And her narrative just flows and it gives you the impression of reading a short story! Extremely happy to feature Suganthi K Prakash as the bride of the month!

I am Suganthi Krishnaprakash from namma Coimbatore, having completed my Masters in Business Administration from VIT. It was in the mid of June 2014, my parents decided to find me a life partner and that is when the process started. We received a lot of profiles and I was really not impressed with any of them but one fine evening we received a proposal notice from Vighnesh's parents from Chennai. Vighnesh lived in Melbourne and is a citizen of Australia.

I still remember. It was on the first of August 2014 I first saw his picture and I will never ever forget that instant! To be frank I really liked him for no reason! I am still not able to explain why. As both of our parents believed in horoscope match, it took about 2 weeks time and it was undoubtedly a positive reply from both of our astrologers. Vighnesh's parents decided to come home and meet us in person on the 11th September 2014 and Vighnesh called me for the first time on the 15th September 2014.

It was a very brief chat initially and we started to talk very often and shared a lot of thoughts. There were a lot of contrasts but that is what we really liked about each other which was a major attraction, we believe. Those late night long phone conversations were the best moments of our lives. We decided to meet each other only in person and not via any media applications, which actually made our bond strong.

Vighnesh landed in India on the 31st of October in Chennai and he came to Coimbatore on the 2nd November and our urudhi vaarthai took place on the same evening amongst our close family members at home and our engagement and wedding date was fixed for the 6th& 7th June 2015 and he flew back to Melbourne that week. He planned to come to india only in the end of May. Until then we had seven whole months to express our thoughts and understand each other quite very well.

The long phone conversations, skype calls, viber chats, whatsapp conversations made it happen. Vighnesh planned to manage his work and made sure he spent quality time for me daily, which I always admired. He is an avid worker, responsible and a good planner. Indeed we selected our D-day's outfits, engagement and wedding rings and other essential things online, which was actually exciting and easy basically. Those 7 months certainly helped us know each other the best.

Since he was in Melbourne and my in laws in Chennai, we decided to fix and arrange the reception and wedding in Coimbatore. My parents and my brother took all the initiative in arranging everything. Also since we had 7 months time, it was quite easy for us to arrange everything. Initially we decided to fix vendors for each and everything, Shopzters stood there for me to select all the vendors. It was indeed a grand KONGU WEDDING.

Photography : Since the very beginning, I was attracted to the pictures of The @mystic-studios# team. They covered the candid video, candid shots, traditional video, traditional photography from Sangeet, till the end. Saravanan anna was so sweet that I really never felt like posing for a photographer. The team were very friendly and comfortable. Thank you anna! Catering: Madhampatti R.Nagarajan of @sai-lakshmi# catering service is a good friend of my dad . Nagaraj uncle did a great job in filling our guests with a variety of delicious dishes for the engagement, reception & muhurtham. He took care of everything, right from snacks to desserts and he made sure that our guests remembered every bit of the food that was served. Thank you uncle!

Invitation: We wanted a personalised cute card with more of clip arts than wordings and got it designed by Mr.Balaji of Lovely Cards, Coimbatore  Sangeet and Mehdi: I invited my very close friends and family members and had it arranged at my place. We organised a dinner which was done by my friend Jairam and everybody loved the food. I owe him a big thanks! The decoration was done by my dad's friend Pandian whom we had booked for the reception and muhurtham as well. He did a good job.I also made a few photo props myself for the sangeet photoshoot and it turned out so cute. The pictures were amazing. Rakesh and team were booked for mehdi for my friends and relatives on the day of sangeet but I got my menhdi done the next day morning as I did not want to sit in one place during my sangeet!

Costume : The Brocade, Coimbatore Makeup & hairdo : mrs. Jothi and team Mehdi : Munira aunty Backdrops & decorations: Pandian decorators Reception: Full white frills with crystals, blue and green flower balls to match our costume for the evening Muhurtham: Traditional Tirupati temple set with golden peacock pillars. Completely a different look from the reception! A golden palanquin was arranged for my entrance. My four brothers carried me to the stage in the morning which has been my dream for a long time!

Engagement: Purchased the saree from A.S Babu Shah Kanchepuram. Blouse designed by ( cut work & kundan) Ranjini & Shalini, Mangal's aspirations, Coimbatore. Makeup and hairdo : Mrs.Maya Nair and team from Salem Jewellery : Sumangali jewellers and Josco jewellers, Coimbatore .

 Reception: I always wanted to wear an Indo- western gown but then I really did not like it anywhere in Chennai and Bangalore. So I decided to get one designed and luckily I was introduced to my brother's friend Arun at the right moment, who is a fashion designer and runs ARVI the couturier in Coimbatore.

I explained to him about the gown and he was so confident and instantly said yes. I was stunned when I saw the output. He took around 1 month time. His team worked very patiently on the different colour shades of a peacock which made me look like a princess on my reception! Vighnesh got his suit tailored by Syed Bawkher & Co, Chennai.

 My Makeup and hairdo : Mrs.Maya Nair and team from Salem- Jewellery : Sheetal Diamonds Ltd, Chennai.

Muhurtham: I purchased the saree from A.S Babu Shah Kanchepuram. I picked it up in 5 minutes! That was the very first saree I saw and I did not want to check out the rest! Blouse: It was designed on a contrast shade of velvet material, with a heavy zardosi work and the parrots were encrypted on my blouse which made the styling more exquisite. Thanks to Ranjini & Shalini of Mangal's aspirations, Coimbatore.

My Makeup and hairdo : Mrs.Maya Nair and team from Salem Jewellery : I got it customised from @sumangali-jewellersshoppingretail#, Coimbatore, @joy-allukas#, Suman Jewellers, Coimbatore and Jaipur gems, Chennai.

I owe a big thanks on behalf of every newely weds and brides - to - be to Prasitha and Shopzters for helping us organise our life time event in a hassle-free manner! And thanks for giving me an opportunity to write down my wedding story. It helped me refresh my memory that stands afresh - like it all happened yesterday! J Hugs!