Bride of the month – May!

Bride of the month – May!

The bride of the month is my dear friend Apoorva Balasubramaniam. We have known each other for about 20 years now! She recently got married  in our home town and we had a lot of discussions about sarees, accessories, diet etc. while she got ready for her big day! I thought it will be good to share her wedding story with you all and so here she is!
Like every girl, I wanted a perfect dream wedding and I had quite a lot of time to plan my big day. My wedding was on January 23rd, 2013 at my home town Gobichettipalayam.

Mine was a typical Tambrahm wedding with a lot of rituals and elaborate ceremonies.  Each ceremony required the bride to change into a new saree and the first item on my shopping list for my big day was obviously sarees.Wedding Shopping: A typical tamil brahmin wedding consists of viradham,jaanavasam,nichyadartham and wedding. In addition to this, I had to shop for reception too. Being a big fan of kanchivaram sarees, I preferred to wear them.  During the wedding ceremony I wore the traditional “madisar” that I custom made at Tharakaram , Coimbatore. I shopped at different boutiques like Aavarnaa in Coimbatore,  Sarangee in Chennai , Tharakaram in Coimbatore  and Babu shah in Kanchipuram.  

The cost of the sarees ranges from 7000 to 23,000. Most of my jewellery were from Kirtilals ,Joy Alukkas and Suman jewellery and the rest were custom made. Some of the traditional head jewellery was custom made in Queen’s Jewel Emporium, Coimbatore.The Service Providers: Tailor:

I designed my blouses at Turquoise design studio, Chennai and at Vermillion design studio at Tirupur. I preferred these places as the Designer Nanditha Dev has an eye for perfection. Also, I love her designs and flair for fashion. She designed my blouses in a way that they were traditional and also trendy at the same time. Make up and Mehandi: My bridal makeup was done by Mrs. Manonmani of Bharani Beauty Parlour in Gobichettipalayam.

Who has an experience of making the brides look more beautiful for the past 25 years. She and her staff took care of draping the sarees and mehandi too. Photographer: My photographer was @cwp# team that belongs to Red box productions. I was impressed with the pictures they had taken for my friend Prasitha’s wedding and I was stubborn of having them cover my big day too.

Health and Beauty: Like every other bride, I was also health and beauty conscious before the wedding. I wanted to shred the extra pounds and so I followed a rigorous exercise and diet regime.  I made sure I walked 2 hours a day. I cut oil from my diet and this helped me get into shape. I took care of my skin and hair by having lots of water and visiting the saloon to get monthly Facials. I also followed a home skin care regime.