Bride of the month – October!

Bride of the month – October!

Pleased to present the bride of the month – Santhini Kannusamy, who incidentally is my friend Murali’s wife! What impressed me was her ability to take care of every small detail during her wedding, which you can see for yourself in the pics below! I am sure, you will all agree that she is a pretty bride indeed!
Born in a very small town in Erode, I believe to have been really fortunate with most of things that has happened in my life. I completed my schooling and degree in a good school and university.

My life was quite normal until I went to Leeds for my masters until I met him – Murali, a person without whom I can’t imagine my life. So I was not only super excited about getting married but I was so joyous to be getting married to him.

As in any case, my wedding shopping was never ending. It went on and on till the last day; and still there was always something ‘must have’ to be bought. Wedding clothes just had to be the best. We picked up most of my wedding sarees from Babu Shah in Kancheepuram. I had my blouses designed and tailored from Maliboo designs, specially designed by Rudhra.

I bought my footwear and accessories from Mumbai, the city that has the best. Coming to Wedding jewellery shopping, we wanted jewels of various styles. We wanted temple jewellery for the ethnics, designer pieces for the fancy attire. We were quite happy and satisfied with Sumangali and Rathan jewellers from Coimbatore.

One main thing that would impress everyone is the food! It’s one area where we have to be very careful for it involves the guests and our ultimate aim would be to satisfy them. Keeping this in mind, we got the SSS caterers to serve the best south Indian food and Om Ji Caterers to serve the best North Indian food.

Another important factor is the make-up! I should thank Karthiga and her team from Angel Parlour, Erode to have done an amazing job of making me look better and the best ever. The credits for the beautiful backdrop goes to @sri-raghavendra-decorators#, Coimbatore. They totally stole the show and got a lot of appreciation as well! Finally not to miss the photography, the best memories in the finest quality, were done by @vipin#. @vipin# photography has emerged has one of the leading candid photographers in recent times! We were so happy and satisfied with Vipin’s work.

DESIGNER: @malibooclothing# Designs 

MAKE OVER: Angel Beauty Parlour


MEHENDI : Farahna 

Everyone wants to look beautiful on their day of wedding and I was no exception. I had regular facials done in Naturals beauty salon. I practiced yoga regularly which helped me to tone my body and wear my wedding saree with confidence.When it came to honeymoon, both of us had same place in our mind, SWITZERLAND!!!!!  YES, it was incredible. Rightly said as paradise on earth, it is an apt place for the newly weds.

It was easily the best place we had ever seen.  When you marry a guy of your dreams, you simply can’t get enough with your vacation, Can you?  After finishing a laid back week in Switzerland, we took a cruise (Royal Caribbean International) from Italy.

The cruise was massive and the crowd was so enthusiastic and in high spirits. It was  6 days package which covered the major cities in Spain and France.  We got to explore the massive cities in the day hours and best part was the night life. It had so many fun filled activities, shows and the food was delicious. Overall, It was a very fascinating experience!