From The Bride Who Had A Classy, Talk-of-the-town 'Eco-friendly' Wedding!

From The Bride Who Had A Classy, Talk-of-the-town 'Eco-friendly' Wedding!

Real Brides who make their Wedding Planning sound like a cake-walk are sure the best kind of people. Were glad we get to feature Swetha and Jais beautiful Wedding Story. Swetha makes it all sound so easy! Get ready for some Go-Easy talks from Swetha. Ther s no need to stress she says.

Hey I am Swetha from Coimbatore I am an MBA Graduate from PSG Coimbatore. Well, ours was an arranged marriage. I met Jai from Pollachi on February 10th 2015 in a temple and the minute we saw each other I instantly knew he was my prince and The One for me. To be honest, we are complete opposites, but he understood me and soon he as treating me like a princess.

Our engagement was on June 12th 2015 with just close friends and family. Make-up for the engagement was done by Aishu s from R.S. Puram Coimbatore, Engagement Saree from Tulsi silks Chennai and blouse was done by Anya, Coimbatore.

Our reception was on 20th august 2015 followed by the Wedding ceremony on 21st August.

We had a pre-wedding shoot in Coco Lagoon, Pollachi. Studio A- Amar had given the perfect pictures of happiness and memories. Outfits for the shoot were from Shresht,, Coimbatore  and make-up was by Aishu. Jewelry and accessories were from  I Love Diamonds, Coimbatore.Sangeeth was one gala time for us. Each and every one in my family managed to dance and sing. There was a surprise dance from my friends. Being a dancer for 13 years I enjoyed each and every thing and savored the feeling. Held at the ballroom in Residency, decors were done by Mark 1 Coimbatore, photography by Freakitive,Bangalore.

Special thanks to choreographers Ashish and Ashwin (mark 1) for putting in their efforts for over a month and for being the best DJ.

Actress Priyadarshini was the Master of Ceremony and she graced the stage by a beautiful performance. During Nalangu we had some soothing music by veena artist Smt. Revathi Krishnan.

Reception and marriage was at Codissia E-Hall, Coimbatore and docor was done by Mrs.Sabitha of Saangyas.

Make-up was by Samantha from Page 3, Chennai. She just worked her magic on me and made me look the best. Thank you so much Samantha. Jewelry was from Big shop, Ooty.Madama Patty Rangaraj was the caterer, who needs no introduction.

He had brought out different varieties to satisfy our guests taste buds. Chocolate lychee was an amazing delicacy.

Every girl would dream to have the best marriage mine was truly a fairy tale wedding with all the happiness and blessings. No event is successful without your friends and cousins.

Believe me; I have the best friends and cousin who were with me throughout the events and Wedding rituals. They never get tired and were always bustling over the place with a smile.

One emotional moment was during the Wedding, when I had to wash my parents  feet and I got all teary-eyed. Amar had captured that so beautifully I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

One most important thing is that the whole rituals and events were done in an eco-friendly way right from the stage decoration to the giving away of Thaambulam. This initiative was by my mum who is the apex member of Siruthuli. Special thanks for being there for the wedding.

After the hustle and bustle it was time for some relaxation we had a week to enjoy the amazing colors of blue and sun at Maldives where we also had our post-wedding shoot.

To all the girls who are getting married, do not stress out too much. Just relax and feel the excitement, spend loads of time prepping. Drink lots of water and make sure you take in amla every day to get that glow on your face. Stay fit by incorporating yoga for 3 days a week and cardio for the rest of the days. Apply badam and milk paste on your face once a week. To all the others! Be cool and am sure you too will meet your prince just like me.

Photography : @studio-a#