Sometimes, The Girl's Gotta Do What She Gotta Do! - Real Brides! Real Wedding Stories!

Sometimes, The Girl's Gotta Do What She Gotta Do! - Real Brides! Real Wedding Stories!

A five year beautiful relationship took a beautiful turn to the loveliest ‘Love Lane’ for this adorable couple. Arthi and Rajsirish who are doctors by profession, have a beautiful story. The best part of the story however got us ‘hooting’ for Dr.Arthi. You would too when you get to that part. Yes, sometimes a girl’s got to do what she got to do!

Hi, I am Dr.Arthi, I finished my M.B.B.S at Madras Medical College now aspiring to become a surgeon and my husband Dr.Rajsrish is an orthopedic surgery resident at BMH, Calicut. Apart from doctoring my interests are music, dancing, organizing and love reading novels (Robin Cook my recent favourite). From this you could guess I'm not an academic person but these extra interests of mine lead me to THAT DAY.

During mid of April 2010 at the inter college culturals called 'EUPHORIA' was hosted by Stanely Medical College which I happened to attend. There I got introduced to him through a common friend. He was also doing his UG but 1 year senior to me. After a few days of texting (hey, what's WhatsApp there for!), phone calls and meeting up, somewhere within 2 or 3 weeks that magic happened. I was head over heels in love with him even before I knew. Somehow I could see what's in his mind too but I waited for him to say it. Days went by and when I couldn't wait any longer I popped the question myself!:p (baby, will you propose to me already?) from then on this beautiful journey began and every time I see him in his eyes it's the same magic that never fails to happen.

After 5 years of successful relationship, our parents decided to take it to the next level. We are so very fortunate to have parents like ours who understood us and accepted it just for our happiness. We are very grateful to them.

We had "Ponnu Paakara" function in May 2015 when his family had come to my house to see me and to bond with our family and the engagement date was fixed.

Make up: Bride herself. Surprised? Yes, my mom is a beautician and I guess it's in my blood. My photographer made that day more memorable with his great photography skills.

 Had few rituals, Lagna Pathirikah signing, most waited ring exchanging, Thamash Maala which was super fun with colour poppers and cake cutting with his brother and my brother. The DATE was announced!

We couldn't think of any better mandap than Kongu Thirumana Mahal. Photography, Sirish suggested 'Creative Wedding Photography' after lots of research, met Mr. Hari who showed us all his masterpieces. We couldn't say anything but book them.

The photographer himself suggested makeup artist Mr.Raam Krishnan and hairstylist Mr.Bhaarat. we did a trial makeup with them and we were more than satisfied.:)

Catering was my dad's choice, Mr.Sridhar Iyer from Salem, we booked him for Sangeeth, Wedding and Reception.

Stage decoration by Mr.Murali Stage Decorators, Attur. He did a great work for reasonable price. Stage looked like a golden palace with antique temple works.

My Muhurtham Saree was bought in Babu Shah Kanchivaram and for the groom we got white pattu panchakaja dhothi from there.

For the Sangeeth I went for a designer saree from kalaniketan, Coimbatore and for previous day evening ritual a silk saree from Diva, Chennai. We couldn't think of any better suit designer than P.N.Rao and Sons, Alwarpet, Chennai for the Groom.

 Bangles and Lakshmi Asaram from VBJ, close neck temple Asaram from GRT, jhumka and mid length Aaram was designed by my mom herself and made from LRC Jewellers Attur. For the Chutti and jadai alangaram I ordered from Lingacharyah and Prabhu Jewellers, Mylapore. For the Sangeeth I wore designer antique jewellery from Malabar gold.

My tailor Mrs. Afros designed and my tailor Miss. Priya did a perfect job on my Wedding, Sangeet and Reception blouses.

 It was finally for the evening ritual before my Wedding. I was so happy to see a beautiful version of myself in the mirror not aware of big surprises waiting outside my room. When I was taken to the hallway I saw a big sea shell like decorated basket at the far corner of the hall. They made me sit inside it closed it .surprise event organizers were arranged by my mother-in- law from Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh for conducting games and rituals and floor decorations.

 Groom welcoming ceremony:

Sirish was asked to break the pot which was tied high, after 2 or 3 tries he did it and got a flower shower. I was watching all this through a tiny whole in the shell.

When he took his stride inside the hall towards the shell. He was not aware of the fact that I'm waiting inside. When he opened he was in bit of a shock too I must say. He took my hand helped me jump out of it and together we lighted the lamp and got on the Dias. Rituals went on for an hour. Then at 6.30 we had a change of costume and all ready for the Sangeet.

With my our cousins and friends around and with their constant teasing that evening got more fun and memorable.

Ours was a Pakkah Telugu wedding. Day started with Karnatic music by Karnatic Vidhvan Thiru Shankararaaman. Followed by "Kaasi Yatra", where he decides to become a sanyasi and my brother consoles him to marry his sister and they bring him back to the mandap.

Around 8.30 I was all set and ready in the most beautiful attire I can ever imagine panic in my face. I was brought to the hallway only to see yet another surprise, a palanquin! I was on cloud nine. I always dreamed of sailing in it at my wedding. That was the best dream come true moment. They made me sit in it. My brother and uncle cruised me to the stage. Where Sirish was waiting to receive me with overwhelming love. He took my hand helping me get down and we both ascended the stage together.

Followed by "Gangamma Gowramma Pooja" most auspicious Pooja especially done by the bride. With washing my mom's and mom in law's feet, thanking them and getting their blessings. Then we moved to the place where the knot has to be tied, ‘Pelli Peeta’.

We were made to sit face to face with a curtain in between. After long process of rituals and saying mantras they lowered the curtain slowly and our eyes met. That's the most beautiful moment. Then, we both stood up and Thirumangalyam was given to him. As he tied it, I got one big esophageal spasm and trying to control my tear which was waiting to ruin my makeup. I won!  That's when all of a sudden all the panic and nervousness vanished just like that. I was so happy and was with all smiley face after that.

Had few fun games like feeding beetle leaf to each other. And yes the ring game. He won twice but I won the last round. Then baby dolls were given, we were made argue and fight about who to take care of the baby. Our cousins named it "Rajaathi" as in raj+Arthi.

Followed by long process of wedding reception. People congratulating and blessing us. Last but not least an awesome meal. In between our photographer sneaked us out for some super fun pictures.

Our families were made to sit together and one big Aarti was taken.

Now that's not over yet. Thats was the beginning I have forever to go with my man!:)

Honeymoon: Gift from my dad-in-law. A romantic trip to Mauritius. (ile Maurice) 5 days honeymoon trip. With cool sea breeze and a sea view resort our tour was impeccable. Beach was out of the world with water so clear. We had our 1st candle light dinner date, 1st scuba experience and a fearsome interaction with African lion and cheetah!

The Betrothal:

Venue: Crystal Ball Room, GRT (grand estancia) hotels, Salem.

Photography: Melanged, Bangalore. Miss. Deepika Chennaiyah 

Saree: Chennai silks

Jewellery: VBJ and Malabar gold

Sherwani: Manyavar

Catering: Grt Chef.



Venue: Kongu Thirumana Mahal

Photography: Creative Wedding Photography 

Makeup Artist: Mr.Raam Krishnan 

Hairstylist: Mr.Bhaarat

Caterer: Mr. Sridharan Iyer Caterers, Salem

Decors: Murali Stage Decorators, Attur.


Brides Wardrobe:

Muhurtham Saree: Babu Shah

Sangeeth: Kalaniketan, Coimbatore, Diva Chennai

Blouse: Mrs.Afros and Miss.Priya

Jewelry: VBJ, GRT, Malabar Gold, Prabu Jewellers (Mylapore) and LRC Jewellers (Attur).


Grooms Wardrobe:

Silk Panchakaja and Dhothi: Babu Shah

Designer Suit: P.N.Rao and Sons, Alwarpet