The 10 Years Journey - From Two Teenagers To A Lovely Couple

The 10 Years Journey - From Two Teenagers To A Lovely Couple

Honestly, when bride Sirisha sent in her pictures, we forgot to breathe for a moment! Such was the splendour of the photographs! Edward and Harsha Reddy have worked magic on the already beautiful bride with their make up and photographs!! Here’s her story!

Our love Story:

“10 years” is a long time for a person in their 20’s, it represents almost half their life and that’s how long we have known each other since. We have seen many ups and downs together in these years. We have evolved from two regular teenagers to a sort of matured adults at least in a few ways though we still have our childish side intact!

People say you get bored with being in a relationship together for a longer time, but everyday seems to be a new day for us. We have been getting closer and closer as the time passes. It’s some sort of magic that happened between us that keeps us together, a bond that grew day by day and an emotional connect that draws us closer to each other.

We met on the first month of our first year during our undergrad and have been together since, A few years of friendship turned out to be love and our never ending love for each other led us to where we stand now MR & MRS.

For My Mehandi, I wore a lehanga which was done by Yakshi Deepthi Reddy, She did a great jobdecided to get Kanchi pattu sarees for my events which I got it from Kalpavruksha.  Navatha was so patient and she gave me all the details. 

Blouses: Vaishali, Kalpavruksh and Yakshi Deepthi Reddy. They were stitched to perfection! Reception attire from  Divya Reddy

Groom Attire : Hugo Boss, Ferragamo and Evolve Studio

My Makeup was done by Edward and his team for my all events, My photos stand testimony to their excellent work. I would definitely recommend Edward and team for all the future brides.

Pelli poola Jada did my flower jadas and mehandi flowers which looked extremely beautiful!

Photography was done by Golden Shutter by Harsha Reddy and they were excellent as you can see from our pictures. I just loved their work.