The Bengaluru Wedding Of A Bride And Her College Senior

The Bengaluru Wedding Of A Bride And Her College Senior

The story of bride Akshatha Naidu and her prince charming, Sagar has been a magical journey. She claims it to be a story that does justice to the phrase "Destiny is Magical". Let's hear the story from the beautiful bride herself. 

"Yes, he lives in the USA  and I live in Bangalore & we both fell in love. Though he was my senior in college we never spoke, but destiny had decided to bring us together after a few years through a matrimony match. Trust me it's an arranged marriage & yes, I went through all the processes of a typical arranged marriage. 

It all started like any other long-distance matrimony match, where we were introduced by family members through phone after all the scrutinizing of the horoscope that has been followed for any marriage right from the olden days.

Me, being the only daughter to my parents, they were very sure to have me married to a guy who lives in Bangalore only & they were very stubborn about this. 

After we spent days talking over the phone and crossing levels of understanding, we took this forward while our parents had a talk. We had to do a little consoling & convincing to my family as they were really not happy to send me off abroad. But destiny had to change things where after a couple of talks with Sagar, my parents realized true contentment for me lay right here & accepted the proposal where distance really didn't bother them & yes, we are spending rest of our lives together.

Destiny is Magical after all. 

Finally, the day arrived when he landed in Bangalore for our Big Day & the day where we had to meet as a couple in person officially for the first time after years.

I couldn't sleep the previous night as I was too excited, a little nervous & had a lot of butterflies in my tummy to meet this guy after years as 'My Man'.

We were eagerly looking forward to the next morning & decided to meet for breakfast as we couldn't push it any further for a lunch or dinner date & of course, it was special.

This was definitely a challenge as I don't fancy shopping & so, it took me no time to have my Lehenga the way I desired. Luckily I had my bestie, Shwetha Jain who's an amazing Fashion Designer, who had my back.  She just listened to my description of what I liked to wear & she effortlessly got the beautiful Love Birds Theme designer lehenga for me. The fabric & embroidery were from Mysore Udyog - Commercial Street and my saree was from Kanchipuram.  My jewellery was all custom made by our family jewellers.

To compliment my pink colour we picked a blue Indo-Western outfit for him from PN RAO. He was very choosy and hence, his shopping took most of the time. He spent hours together! He finally picked his brown shoe from Roush as apparently, he did not find the size of his choice in the USA. He made sure he got a well-tailored suit for himself as well.

Photography & Videography needs were taken care of by @aashish-photography#.

MUA of the day was makeuphairbyvinyasahippla. She did an amazing job with my makeover. 

Decoration purposes were taken care of by Colour Events.

Amidst all the wedding tension & busy schedule, always remember to stay calm, relax, love your self, have the best bride's maids, get some good sleep & always have that smile which are the best tips one could follow to have good health & natural glow that we ought to.