The palace wedding of a kollywood couple!

The palace wedding of a kollywood couple!

Devika and Adithya Anbu were destined to be together. Devika was one of the leading ladies for the movie “Jeyam undu bayam illai”. At the last minute the leading actor was replaced by Adithya Anbu who failed to make an initial good impression on Devika with his mischiefs and forward ways. After a schedule of the shoot, they both got to know each other and turned into good friends. Even Devika’s brother got close with Adithya and the trio along with Devika’s sister were going around Chennai and enjoyed hanging out together.

Devika was determined never to be married. But slowly, Adithya swept her off her feet and both of them got close. Though they both liked each other, they never spoke about marriage or living together. So, it took Devika by surprise when Adithya asked her one day if they should get married. The rest is history!

The best part about their 5-year love story is how both their parents consent to their union and did not get bothered by their cast, language or creed. Devika is a Malayalee and Adithya belonged to Tamil Thevar sect. Their wedding was a grand affair that borrowed rituals from both their sects.

Their wedding happened for 4 days and the celebrations started with a nalangu and mehandi function at Chennai. Devika was dressed in a mustard silk saree from Nalli next for her nalangu and a gown for the mehandi function that was gifted by her friend.

Their sangeeth and wedding ceremony was grand event that happened in the Golgatty Palace, Cochin. Devika looked stunning in a grand golden Sabyasachi lehenga on her sangeeth that happened in the outdoor on the banks of backwaters. It was dreamy and right out of fairytale as the bride and groom entered the event on boat.

On the wedding day, the wedding happened in front of a traditional Kerala mural back drop. Devika looked like a princess clad in a beige and gold saree from Vara Mahalakshmi Silks, Chennai. Devika’s entry was like a queen, where she was seated in a palanquin while Anbu entered the venue like Prince Charming on a Harley Davidson Bike.

The entire family and friends were dressed in colours of red and the décor was designed by the bride’s sister-in-law with Red carrot decorators The inverted umbrella décor caught everyone’s attention was provided backdrop to selfies and groupfies.

The groom looked smart and regal wearing clothes from Nalli, Moksha, Chennai and Gatsby, Chennai. The bride’s blouses were designed by her mom and she looked elegant in her minimally worked blouses.

They also had two receptions that took place in Hyatt, Chennai and Tanjore. The reception at Hyatt was the most enjoyable event where they had everyone dancing from 9PM to 12 PM on colourful dance floors that were especially made for the event.

The photo and videography for the wedding was done by Pentamedia and Photon Studios who made sure to capture the magical essence of the enchanted wedding.

The bride mentions how Shopzters helped as reference to arrange for the big day for achieving her several looks for the wedding events.

Devika looked nothing short of a queen and she mentions how she was on diet for 2 years for her movie. She also mentions that she never had a facial or bleach and yet looked beautiful in her own skin.

Devika’s favourite moment in the wedding was when she found herself blushing and shy during the garland exchange and how all of her family cried during her wedding except her. She also mentions how happy she was to show off her thali to everyone once Anbu tied it.

The couple enjoyed private time during their honeymoon which they planned on their own without any travel agents. Devika’s long time wish was to go to Santorini. The couple spent time in Athens and Santorini for their honeymoon.

Shopzters wishes the wonderful couple a happy married life and best wishes in their future movie endeavors!