The Wedding Story Of A Couple Who Knew Each Other From Birth

The Wedding Story Of A Couple Who Knew Each Other From Birth

Our beautiful bride Monisha talks to Shopzters about her fairytale wedding with Abinand and she just couldn't contain the excitement. 

Let's hear it from her.  

"Abinand and I were known to each other since we were born. We both are family friends and we used to go on trips to different places every year. No one would have expected that we would end up as husband and wife because that is how we were. We always get into a fight in a little amount of time. That is how it was until the last trip we went together before our marriage, with our families. It is not like we hate each other, its like we were used to pulling each other's legs which makes our day complete. And I was on cloud nine when my parents conveyed that it is Abinand! Since we already knew each other we didn't have this formal meet up and all that. A urudhi varthai ceremony was planned a week after this and I met him during the shopping of that ceremony. I felt very different that I was not able to talk to him normally as I usually do. I was shy which I didn't even expect would happen. He felt as a totally different person to me and I loved him so much that I have never seen this part of him before.

I had a long gap of six months to plan our wedding with an engagement in between. Abinand's house was designed in the theme of Radha Krishna. So we planned to go ahead with the same theme. It is not like exactly the traditional Radha Krishna. We decided just to have a touch of it in every function we do. 

I bought my engagement saree in @kanakavalli# boutique, Coimbatore and my jewellery for engagement from Durga Diamonds, Coimbatore. 

My wedding saree was from @a-s-babu-sah#, Kanchipuram. That is where I was totally confused. I actually planned for red but ended up with green as I loved the saree so much. 

Muhurtham jewels were bought from Challani jewellery mart, Chennai. 

I decided to go with the lehenga for the reception which I had it designed in @the-pebbles-design-studioclothing#, Coimbatore. We opted out for vibrant colours as the decor was decided to be totally green and I must say that they did a great job. They even designed my muhurtham blouse. 

My make up was done by Angels Beauty Parlour, Erode.

Our Photography was by @my-winks#, Erode. They did an excellent job on the wedding highlight song and it was played during our reception. 

The wedding decor for all the functions is @shara-petals#, Erode. They obviously did a great job and I was completely satisfied. They took the risk of trying something and brought out exactly what we conveyed them. 

Our caterer was Sri Varu from Coimbatore. Must mention that everybody who came to the wedding did mention our food was extremely good! 

Abinand never missed a shopping with me or must I say that I never made him miss it. We obviously took a lot of time to decide everything. Numerous meetings with the decorators and in planning the food menu for the wedding. Our efforts didn't fail at the end.

Our family was interested in a temple wedding and we liked the idea too. And the reception was planned a day after the wedding at Sri Vari Arangam, Erode. The wedding was held on November 23, 2017 at Alamelumangai Lakshmi Samedha Temple, Erode. I was totally surprised to see my name written on Abinands hand in mehendhi on the day of our wedding.

Our reception was on 25th of November, 2017. The pleasant thing that happened was, we had like a birds cage in the decor. My father-in-law suddenly planned to fill them with parrots and lovebirds. They kept chirping often which made us relaxed on the reception stage.

We went on our honeymoon to New Zealand and Singapore. It was an awesome place with beautiful sceneries. New Zealand is mainly known for its adventure. We went to River Rafting, Valley Crossing, Jet Boat ride and he did Bungee jumping. Our raft flipped upside down while getting down a waterfall and I have no words to explain how it felt. All feeling rushing down at once. We were perfectly fine after a few minutes. Safety is the prime factor here. We became braver after that. It was a 15 days trip and at last, it was tough to leave the place and come back to routine.