10 DIY Decor Ideas For The Bright Indian Wedding

10 DIY Decor Ideas For The Bright Indian Wedding

There was a time when families would burn their pockets out at weddings. Thankfully that has changed. With the increased exposure to foreign cultures, we have more options at our disposal. Options include simple weddings that fit any budget without compromising on the fun and festivities.

Want to cut down on the decoration costs at your wedding? All you’ll need is a few inexpensive things, some great ideas and a bunch of friends who are willing to help. We can’t give you the things or friends but we definitely can give you tonnes of ideas! Let’s start!

Put on some party music and go on a bottle hunt! Don’t stop the hunt with your house; go to your friends and relatives. Get them all! Now the fun begins. Paint each bottle in different solid bright colours. Use acrylic paint or glass paint that you get at stationery stores. Once that’s done, go to a printing shop and get customised wedding stickers. Stick them on to the bottles (after they have dried of course!). Place the bottles on guest tables with a long stemmed flower. Tada! What a wonderful way to brighten up your wedding!

Have unused classy looking ceramic plates at home? Bring them all out and stick them up on the walls! Word of caution, stick them up nice and well. You don’t want plates crashing on to your guests heads!

This is probably the simplest of the lot. Fill those old chai glasses with colourful powders and fragrant flowers. Place them on the dining table and you have a DIY centre piece!

Marigolds, marigolds everywhere! If you buy baskets of marigold, just string them up and wrap them around literally everything you see! Trees, poles don’t spare anything. And if you run out of vertical structures, you can always create beautiful flower carpets! You can get them in yellow and orange instead of just one colour. That way it won’t get too monotonous.

 Frames and origami are the way to go if you are looking for a simple contemporary backdrop for your wedding photo shoots. These hassle free pieces of décor just need some skill and a steady hand to look the way they do in this picture!

Who doesn’t love pin wheels? These colourful images are one of the best memories from almost every Indian kid’s childhood. Why not use them to set your wedding premises and make them brighter?

Colours, flowers and tinkling music. Sounds like the description of heaven? Very well, you can create such an ambience at your wedding with this lovely décor.

Oh the quirkiness of these installations makes us shriek with joy! The play of colours, lights and shadows with fairy lights on trees in the background gives this image a touch of magic.

Terracotta pots are available for purchase everywhere. If you are good at bargaining, you may even get a discount for purchasing them in bulk! These beauties can be painted for display during the day. Placing candles inside them for evening functions creates a mesmerising effect. Once all the functions are done you can always use them as show pieces or even in your garden!

Fluffy paper balls made of high quality craft paper! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle them? They work perfectly in modern themed weddings as well as traditional ones. All you need to do is choose the right colours to fit your weddings theme!