10 Gorgeous Christian Bridal Sarees To Walk Down The Aisle In!

10 Gorgeous Christian Bridal Sarees To Walk Down The Aisle In!

Christian weddings have always been well-known for the gorgeous bridal wear in pristine white hues! And the fashion trends in christian bridal wear have transformed into a neo ethnic style today from the gowns of yesteryears! Sarees are ruling the 'aisle' today and we are witness to some of the most beautiful creations in colours of white, grey, beige, duck grey, off-white, etc. Every saree is unique, using multiple textures and fabrics- right from satin to net, georgette, chiffon, tissue. The embroidery too is so intricate and beautiful that it truly is hard to take our eyes off the beautiful bride! Whether it is studded with pearls or stones, it always manages to wow everyone around!

Scroll down to see some of the most beautiful Christian bridal sarees we saw on our brides! 


This simple checkered saree is goals! We love the sheer simplicity of the ensemble!


Delicate embroidery, embossed embellishments on lacework? We are sold!


The tiny pearls stitched along the length fo the sleeves truly elevates this outfit to a whole new level!


This bride is an absolute stunner, wearing fashion right on her sleeves and the gorgeous embroidery running along the length of her saree!


The blouse truly stands out with so many different patterns and the saree perfectly compliments it with the pearl embellishments running throughout the 6 yards!


 This exquisite gold-toned saree is the stuff of dreams! We are loving the slight off-white undertone, making it stand out from the rest of the Christian bridal wear.


Such gorgeous lacework across the boat neck of this blouse! The sweetheart neck perfectly ties it in as an outfit!


This lovely bride flaunts a delicate off white saree with a closed neck and the embroidery running throughout the blouse and the saree! We LOVE!



Pearl embellishments truly elevate your outfit to a whole other level! This saree is so beautiful in so many ways- the pearls, the embroidery, the tissue fabric. We can't get enough!


Who said you can't look good in cool white tones for your big day? This bride slays this outfit like no one's business!


All the above photographs are sourced from Pinterest/Instagram