10 Hair and Makeup Looks You Need To Check Out Before Your Wedding!

10 Hair and Makeup Looks You Need To Check Out Before Your Wedding!

Makeup and hairdo is the most essential part of your grooming process. A good hairstyle can elevate your look or break it. @manasa-makeup-artist# specializes in Bridal hairdos and decoration and they are indeed a class apart. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the following beautiful hairstyles!

Fishtail Braid-

This is the all-time favourite and most popular choice among the brides. It is the best hairdo which suits both traditional and western clothes. The whole look is complete when a tiny bunch of flowers or a pretty string of flowers is used on the braids.

Disney Princess Jasmine’s Braid-

Who doesn’t love the braid that is worn by the Disney Princess Jasmine? It is perhaps the simplest of all the hairstyles yet helps achieve the look fit for a fancy event.

Traditional Three-Way Plaits

Nothing can complement a saree like the traditional braids with beautiful flowers to go with it. The speciality of mantra is seen in the flower pendants that decorate the entire plaited hair.

Elegant buns

Every woman with tresses loves to tie her hair up into a bun.  Buns not only are comfortable but they also look elegant and classy, they also complement any attire be it a gown, saree or denim pants. Here are a few formal buns that will leave you wanting to try it for the next occasion.

The cascading loose braid

This hairdo is sure to look great on any bride with a head full of hair. This look is achieved by plaiting the hair after splitting it into several parts. It is tied up loosely creating a cascading effect that catches you eye and leaves you wondering how the hairdo was done!