14 Unique Wedding Ideas To Gape At

14 Unique Wedding Ideas To Gape At

"With love Nilma" is a new age event styling company started by Nilma Dileepan. With Love Nilma does wonderful, exclusive and innovative decor that are refreshing and exuberant. Here are 10 ideas that you can pick up for your wedding from "With Love Nilma."

1. A lovely idea to get advice from your guests!! This would definitely be fun and interesting!!


2. This outstanding decor setting of a golden kettle with yellow carnations was designed for a bride who wanted a kitchen element in her wedding.


3. An exquisite old school advice table setup at a wedding, this rustic and vintage styled table was designed to get advice for the newlyweds in a typed note from the olden day type writer.


4. What if it rained flowers!! A lovely golden pot with marigold flowing out!!


5. A real family tree with photographs of the couple and their parents. This is definitely a masterpiece!!


6. Beautiful bells and wind chimes decorated with marigold for a bride who loves tinkling sounds of bells.


7. A couple's engagement tray prettily decorated with lovely chalk typography.


8. A colourful wind mill setup as a centre piece for a table, this eye catchy setup is not only pretty but also very cost effective!!


9. A pleasing photo booth designed with a dainty ladder and delicate jars with lace work is an absolute adornment!


10. A vibrant vintage jar table setup to get lovely wedding messages from the wedding guests!!


11. A classic photo booth designed elegantly with white and pink flowers, A delight to look at!!


12. An intricately designed photo booth with charming wood work and cheerful flowers.


13. Beautiful flower pots to give back to the wedding guests!! Yes who wouldn't love take home pretty flowers!


14. Bird cages adored with carnations instead of canaries!!