15 Awesome Shots Couples’ Friends Should Have With The Couple

15 Awesome Shots Couples’ Friends Should Have With The Couple

One thing that is bound to happen at a best friend's wedding, apart from the food hogging is umpteen numbers of selfies and having all the professional photographers click pictures of your bunch, if they know you're the couple's best friends! Well, we're definitely there to create memories! Here are some awesome Must Have shots Couples best friends should have with them! Let's do a countdown all the way shall we?

15. Well this one was bound to happen.. So.. Let's just leave them to it! Friends and Couple 15

14. When the whole bunch is excited and the Newly-Weds are Well Still Lost.. Friends and Couple 14

13. A Dance and sync together mode! Just to get the excitement started! Bring in the DJ yall! Friends and Couple 13

12. The usual Bridal Party being excited with the Couple- Shot! Friends and Couple 12

11. Step aside ladies! The man's taken! Literally! Friends and Couple 11

10. When as friends they try to overreact and the Couple give you the We-Don't-Even-Care attitude! Friends and Couple 10

9. This shot is a definite one to keep the sweet pictures cliches alive! Friends and Couple 9

8. The Oh-Podu Groupie is NOT to be avoided! Trust us! You're going to want to treasure these. Friends and Couple 8

7. A classic Pull-Away shot! Don't miss out on the Couples Reaction to this though. Friends and Couple 7

6. The pokey- sarcastic looks that every bunch gives the couple! Keep them framed.. Friends and Couple 6

5. A Groupie with crazy Props! Make sure not to miss out on these shots! Worth all the time it takes to get the bunch into one frame! Friends and Couple 5

4. The men have their own worries but hey, there's always time for a game of tug-of-war with the Newly-Weds! Friends and Couple 4

3. When the Ladies are out making sure the Groom gets a sweet warning note! Friends and Couple 3

2. When the Groom is given a Demo of what he is getting into! Improvise on these shots! The photographers get excited for these shots too. Friends and Couple 2

1. Caught Red Handed- Shot! But be a sport-couple and play along! These are the kind of memories you'll cherish eventually..

Friends and Couple 1