49 Things To Do As The Ultimate Sister/Maid-Of-Honor Of The Bride

49 Things To Do As The Ultimate Sister/Maid-Of-Honor Of The Bride

When the big day arrives, your big day, there is only one person you can count on to walk you through it with an unwavering support and a ready smile; only one who will be your rock, your person; probably the only one in the room with a steady hand and a cool head Your Sister.

(Oh I'm sure there is a groom in the picture, but let's not get too crazy, okay?)

To that end, here's a checklist to help the sisters of the bride to channel their inner-Monica.


  1. Sit with your parents when they discuss budget and how expenses will be shared. So when the bride hits the shops like a storm, you will know when to loosen the purse strings and when to pull it (her) together even tree photgraphy (131) Credits : Even Tree Photography
  2. Be there when they decide the size and style of the wedding and give your input when needed
  3. Create a binder to store and organize ideas, worksheets, receipts, brochures, etc. Or a Pinterest board. To help visualize what bride wants and what you can get done.iMark Photography hydr (95) Credits : iMark Photography
  4. Be the eyes of the bride by joining your parents on their expeditions to wedding and reception sites Calypso Wedding photography (18) Credits : Calypso Wedding Photography
  5. Meet with the Iyer/Officiant who will be spearheading the show Krishnam Photography hydr (3)                                           Credits : Krishnam Photography
  6. Start compiling the guest list to estimate head count. Consider budget when thinking about 'must-invites' versus 'nice-to-invites'. Chances are you'll be running around with the bride to deliver them in personMinchu studio photography (399)                                           Credits : Minchu Studio Photography
  7. Begin the hunt for the perfect wedding dress with the bride Sutra Snapperz photoghy (117)                       Credits : Sutra Snapperz Photography
  8. Assist her in hiring a photographer and a videographer
  9. Book a pre-wedding shoot, especially if the bride insists on having candid shots and romantic photos of the couple10676156_787186088002450_2446919560692708899_n Credits : Vipin Photography
  10. Be there when your parents work on hiring a caterer and a florist and keep a track on everything they order
  11. Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guestsvipin photography (172)           Credits : Vipin Photography
  12. Order invitations, help her design them if she wants something quirky or unique
  13. Assist the bride in picking show-stopper jewelry SUJEETH KOTIAN Photography (59)                                           Credits : Sujeeth Kotian Photography
  14. Co-ordinate with in-laws if and when they insist on joining the hunt for the perfect wedding trousseau
  15. Assist the bride in picking something trendy with a touch of traditional design for her blouses and keep track of delivery dates SUJEETH KOTIAN Photography (7)                                           Credits : Sujeeth Kotian Photography
  16. If the practice is to mark the edges of the invites with turmeric, be ready to have yellow-stained fingers for a couple of daysDilip kumar photography (199) Credits : Dilip Kumar Photography
  17. Make sure you use your best stationery and penmanship to address the guests
  18. Take your trusted wheels, and drive the bride around town to hand-deliver invites to her close friends vipin photography (299) Credits : Vipin Photography
  19. Assist your parents when they arrange for transportation and note down their contact details
  20. Co-ordinate with her BFF's and throw her a bridal shower/ bachelorette party
  21. Invite them personally for Mehendi function Krishnam Photography hydr (14)                                           Credits : Krishnam Photography
  22. Go shopping for yourself, and get a dashing ensemble
  23. Tag along with your parents to meet with the caterer to go over the menu Minchu studio photography (312)                                           Credits : Minchu Studio Photography
  24. Be there when she has to do a hair and makeup run-through (including wedding veil, if applicable) Minchu studio photography (453) Credits : Minchu Studio Photography
  25. Confirm your guest's transportation plans
  26. Compile a list of all of the wedding vendors and wedding party, with contact information. Carry this list with you everywhere you go (just in case)new-1
  27. Have a final fitting for blouses- both you and the bride Minchu studio photography (463)                                Credits : Minchu Studio Photography
  28. Confirm details with the photographer, florist, and other vendors
  29. Purchase gifts for the wedding attendants IMG_5110W Credits : Chennai Wedding Filmer
  30. Enclose any fees due on the wedding day in envelopes for easy distribution
  31. Give the caterer a final head count   Jackson James photography (35)                                           Credits : Jackson James Photography
  32. Appoint a trustworthy person to bring important items (cake knife, toasting glasses, etc.) to the reception
  33. Have a Spa day with your parents, bride and the groom. You need to rest your feet and get rejuvenated. You will need all your strength to run around on the day of the wedding and all your patience not to snap at the bride shabeer zyed photography (42) Credits : Shabeer Zyed Photography

On the Wedding day:

  1. Make sure you have packed and organized everything the bride needsnew-71
  2. Help the MUA in getting the bride dressed and accessorized
  3. Keep a hidden stock of chocolates for unprovoked tears, and caffeine for jitters for the bride, but feel free to nip a little yourself
  4. But also be the pillar of support when she gets emotional Studio alpheus photograhy (10) Credits : Studio Alpheus Photography
  5. Keep her smiling and laughing throughout the day 10459013_689705094410801_5323854486532613205_o Credits : Creative Wedding Photography
  6. Feed her on the side and keep her hydrated, between guests, so she could stay on her feet with a warm smile on her face and pose with her guests all day long IMG_3332 Credits : Vipin Photography
  7. Make sure you have a fetching handbag that goes with all your outfits, so you can carry all the necessary keys, bride's phone, tissues, and other necessities Smiles and dreams phtography (91) Credits : Smiles and Dreams Photography
  8. Attend all her phone calls, and co-ordinate with her friends. Give them directions to the wedding hall, help them out with accommodations if and when neededStudio A Photographys (764) Credits : Studio A
  9. Assist the decorators between ceremonies
  10. Make sure the bride sits for her make-up and hair styling two hours before the ceremony Rohith Ravi photography (69) Credits : Rohith Ravi Photography
  11. Be the first in the room to get ready so you can attend to your duties
  12. Make sure everyone is ready on timeDownloads1
  13. Take selfies, click photos of the bride during her make-up sessionKamal Kiran Photography (93) Credits : Kamal Kiran Photography
  14. Welcome the guests with a ready smile and softly remind the bride how they're related, if she happens to forgeteven tree photgraphy (125) Credits : Even Tree Photography
  15. Have a dance-off with friends and in-laws, make sure you drag everyone to the dance floor 84mm photography (61) Credits : 84mm Photography
  16. Remember to eat something, don't let anyone bring you down and enjoy yourself plentyvipin Credits : Vipin Photography