5 Chair Back Decorations That Inspired Us

5 Chair Back Decorations That Inspired Us

Chair backs at weddings is a fairly new concept that is yet to make its way into the commercial Indian market. However, we found chair backs that inspired us enough to write about them. If you haven't planned this detail out for your wedding yet, then look into it immediately. They serve as a little something to excite your guests with on your special day, they aren't getting much out of the wedding except your happiness so why not make their seats special with a throne like appearance. You can pick your choice that matches your decor perfectly, from the floral inspired ones to drapes and glitter embellished chairs.

Cover Ups : These cover the entire chair and are very useful when you're holding your function in a reception hall where the chairs are provided by the hotel as they aren't always in a good condition. Not only do they leave you with a lot of creativity, you can then explore with drapes and the fabrics to reach your desired output that matches your decor perfectly. Cover Up 1 Cover Up 6 Cover Up 8 Cover Up 7 Cover Up 2 Cover Up 4 Cover Up 5

Semi-Cover Up : Ideally cover ups aren't recommended for outdoor events, but if you do want a cover up then pick a semi cover up as it feels breezy and won't look lumpy. Also it doesn't make your guests uncomfortable. However, be very careful while picking the fabric, especially with glitter, zari and sequins as they often irritate the skin and might cause discomfort for your guests.

Semi 2 Semi 4 Semi 3 Semi 1

Drapes : A personal favourite, drapes never go out of fashion and can be dramatized to any extent, adding frills and florals to match your requirements. The lightness they add are perfect for a beach or farm house wedding, where less is more and minimalism always works in your favour. Pick bright or pastel colours to match your decor, and make sure the chairs aren't overbearing and loud so they don't divert the attention from the drapes.

Drape 5 Drape 6 Drape 4 Drape 3 Drape 1

Tie Through : These are vigorous and require a bit of work but are so worth it as they look absolutely gorgeous. Intertwine two contrasting colours to create a beautiful pattern or you could just hand them like cords which looks perfect for a sangeet or mehendi function. Tie 2 Tie 3 Tie 5 Tie 1

Floral : The go-to chair back for your mehendi and sangeet, it is the most traditional and authentic style you can pick. The flowers can match your decor and even you flower jada, and they leave the venue smelling beautiful and looking better than expected. However, it requires a lot of end moment work as the flowers cannot be set up the night before. This is also not advisable for long events as the flowers might wither and end up looking bad mid-way. Floral 2 Floral 1 Floral 3 Floral 5 Floral 4