8 Decor Themes That Are Apt For A Traditional South Indian Wedding

8 Decor Themes That Are Apt For A Traditional South Indian Wedding

@event-art# has been doing quiet some rounds in the field of event organizing, planning and executing with regard to decorations. Run by professionals from the advertising and communications business, Lakshmi Ravichander and Saraswathi Krishnakumar, @event-art# is a very reliable source for all the brides-to-be who want their weddings to look like a complete fairy tale.

The album contains some of @event-art# finest and we just can’t wait to flaunt it.

For anyone who wants to take the purple-town route, this will be your apt stop.

Do not worry about not being able to tie the knot under/in front of a tree. This one’s here to make it happen. 

Ditch the usual route and take up this pastel road. This one sure will bring you a lot of appreciation.

People with a fetish for tinge of orange and green, this one’s for you! 

When the bride looks like a peacock why would she not have yet another acquaintance matching her looks? 

Having umbrellas hang from above, upside down with brilliant motifs. Well, that’s a twist in the tale. 

Walk down the aisle feeling like a king and a queen in this royal set-up, made just for you 

For all the devotees of Perumal, with him on-looking your big day, this one’s for you. 

With flower balls stealing the show, this one is apt for a conventional closed setting.