8 Latest Trends That We Spotted In South Indian Weddings

8 Latest Trends That We Spotted In South Indian Weddings

South Indian weddings come in with their own charming rituals and customs. Beginning with the Shehnai and rangoli at the doorsteps, to circling the couple with a mixture of lime and turmeric powder to keep evil at bay, these customs include a lot of interesting rituals.

“It doesn't matter what it is, every category has a trend” says Pradeep, the expert wedding consultant from Marriage Colors. He exclusively shares the top new wedding trends of 2017!

Here Comes The Bride

Instead of carrying the bride on the shoulder of her uncles to the mandap or in a floral palanquin by her brothers, she can be walked towards the mandap under the floral curtain held by relatives. The curtain made up of tea-lights will also give a great effect especially since many of these weddings take place during early mornings or late nights.
You can also have a few flower girls adorning the path with flower petals as the bride makes her way.

The Sacred Tent

Serving as an altar for Indian weddings, adorned with flowers and other decorations, each pillar considered as a symbol of the four parents, the modern mandaps fulfils all these traditions with a touch of glamour. Beautiful glimmering drapes, chandeliers, lights and various foundational materials, including decorative sofas for the couple's parents to sit fabricate stunning mandaps.

Floral Garland

The tradition of exchanging floral garlands, also known as 'Varmala' or 'Jaimala' is a promise to walk together in every walk of life. You can make this promise more fragrant and beautify it with a multicolored garland prepared with different colorful flowers. It can also have golden ribboned rose, big white or pink pearls, exotic flowers and sparkling or colorful strings.

Lights Camera Action

The trend of live video bytes is emerging wherein the people give their live video bytes to the emcee and post their wishes online. Moreover, it becomes more fun when there are picturesque tags held by the couple, like - "She's mine forever" and "I stole his heart" or held by friends and relatives like "this is a crazy girl" and "Mr. Miser."

Meet And Greet

Standing in long queues to meet the couple for giving blessings or well wishes, can be replaced by the couple going and meeting the guests at their tables as a mark of respect and gratitude.

Personalized Cuisine

Say the bride's name is Shilpa and the groom's name is Deepak, the food counter can be named as "Shilpak" or "Deepshilp" by the combination of their names. Moreover, their favorite food items can also have personalized names, for example, if Shilpa's favorite sweet is payasam, it can be named as 'Shilpayasam.'

A Fairytale To Be Known

The wedding is indeed as delightful as reading a fairytale as it is a dream come true for the couple and every couple has a story to tell. Compile their romantic story of how they met and came together to tie a sacred knot into a beautiful storybook or magazine and hand it out to the guests. It can also include little details about their family members so both the parties can know about each other.

Welcome Aboard

Your guests come to celebrate your happiness and hence as a mark of gratitude or welcoming them with love and respect will bring in lots of positive vibes to your event. Receiving the guests at airports and stations by professionals or relatives with cold water bottles, wet wipes, lemonade etc is a great idea. Ensuring their safe and comfortable drop at the hotel or venue is a pleasing act.

These contemporary wedding trends are appealing and memorable. Which one is your favorite for your "Just Married" or "Lived Happily Ever After”?