A Romantic Proposal Amidst The Clouds In A Hot Air Baloon

How amazing would it be if you get to marry the love of your life, your best friend and your most trusted confidant? Imagine yourself amidst the clouds, floating in the sky just like any other cloud and he pops the question mid air! Wow. Even the very thought of it brings us the feels. Well, this imagination has become truly a fantasy with Akriti Sachdev and her fiance Farhan Sajjad.

There are times when you listen to a bride's story and you just can't stop imagining yourself from being in the very place, witnessing everything first hand. Well, that was the scenario for us at Shopzters .

Let's hear it from Akriti as she joyously takes us through her story, that is one heaven of a ride!

"We have been dating each other for over 6 years and we had a connection at the moment we had met. We were friends for 6 months and started dating shortly while I was working at the MAC Cosmetics and Farhan had just got back from the U.S after he had finished training at the flying school. Our dates would be in the coffee shops at the airport since we were travelling a lot. We were young, free, out and about and gradually our relationship began to develop into something very intense and we grew fond of each other in no time.

When he started his flying career as a pilot he also nudged me to start up something of my own. That little push from him has now taken the form of Mesmereyes Makeup. All thanks to Farhan for being the most supportive partner anybody could ask for!

He even presented my very first Vanity kit and I couldn't have been more thankful. Everytime I doubted myself, he has always made it a point to be there, a shoulder to lean on.

We had planned a trip to Sri Lanka with our friends but Farhan insisted we leave a couple of days earlier. I was completely unaware of his plan behind this. He had planned this proposal for months together and God, I had no idea. He insisted we go to a wildlife safari at 4 in the morning and I had dressed up for that as he subtly hinted me on being a bit glitzy

We had taken off in the hot air balloon. Farhan got in touch with the pilot of the balloon and had made arrangements for pictures and everything for the proposal he was about to make. The pilot was trained from one of Turkey's best flying schools and had launched his own company here.

At around 4.30 a.m, he blindfolded me and in the highest point, above the sun rise, he popped the question. It was a dreamy view with the clouds glowing with all shades of orange and purple. 

Since he belonged to the clouds, he thought that he should make such a proposal. And, the moment indeed belonged to the clouds. He organized everything. Post-proposal, we had a cake cutting with the villagers down there.

It has become a memory that I would cherish for a lifetime!