A Tasteful Thank You, Literally!

A Tasteful Thank You, Literally!

Are you one of those people who always like to think out of the box? Then, this is the best you can do for your return gifts. What is better than a prettily decorated and packaged treat that fill the hearts and stomachs? Check out these edible wedding return gift ideas which are literally sweet and tasteful.

Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Pops

Cakes have been the favourite dessert, be it any occasion. Nothing beats a cutely wrapped and packaged cake, brownie or a cake pop as a return gift. Another inspiring way to gift is by providing the ingredients for a brownie or a hot cocoa. Giving the ingredients with the instructions of how to cook them in a mason jar or a test tube, is an adorable way to say thank you!



Chocolates and Cookies

Chocolates and cookies are crowd pleaser options for return gifts. Customizing them with wordings on them or out-of-the-box packaging is a unique idea. Cookies and chocolates with with a cute couplet on the packaging can also be used as edible “save the date” invites.


Macaroons and Cotton Candy

Macaroons wrapped in a clear box with bow ties are irresistible for anyone, be it young or old people. Nothing says thank you like macaroons that are eye popping with different colours and flavours. Another economical but much loved edible treat is cotton candy.  



Donuts and honey

Gifting donuts and a small jar of honey is becoming popular. Who doesn’t like freshly made donuts with cream and sprinkles on top? They are sure to steal the hearts of your guests at the wedding. Packing them with a witty caption is a noteworthy idea.


Mints and Nuts

Who doesn’t fancy a fresh and flavourful mint after all the wedding food? It is a perfect take away that can be relished by the guests, yet remind them of your big grand day. Indian festivals and celebrations always include nuts that are rich in flavor and energy. So what better edible return gift than these? 

Not-so-sweet Return Gifts

Are you the one who likes to stand out and make an impact? Then you’re probably one of the people who will not opt for the quintessential sweet treats! The popular options are tea, pop corn and salt. Go on, be the rebel and choose these unconventional return favours for your big day!