Adorable Bridal Portraits With Their Pet Dogs! - PART 2

Adorable Bridal Portraits With Their Pet Dogs! - PART 2

Dogs have always been more than just pets. They turn family! They are brought in as pups and literally grow with us and eventually our mothers will probably worry about them than even us! But that's okay, who can really resist their adorable little faces when they wag their tail? In today's weddings, dogs have become so integral to the celebrations that they even act as bridesmaids and groomsmen. They take part in all of the family's rituals and functions. Hence, it's only natural for us to click the best candids with our pawed-buddies on our big day! Scroll down to check out the most adorable dog portraits with the brides!


How adorable are these little teddy bears! We just want to squish them! 


How cute is this pupper? Kudos to the photographers for just managing to capture this moment!


Doggos are certainly one of the main beings, a bride misses when leaving home.


From a little teen to a bride, this adorable dog has seen his best friend grow through it all!


Look at this pupper giving his bestie, a High-5!


This doggo just doesn't want to let his best friend go!


Pastel coloured tassels to match the bride's outfit! Wooofff!


How gorgeous is this hazel hued husky? We love this frame!


This pupper is having the time of his life, being pampered to bits when it's actually all about the bride!


Isn't he the most handsome Best Man?


Look who's getting squished and played with on his best friend's big day!


We love this adorable frame of this bride and her pawed buddy!


Now this is a 'Vidaai' moment you certainly don't want to miss!


This cutie certainly is in no mood to let his bestie go!


All the above photographs are sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram