All The Vehicle Photo Booth Inspiration You Need!

All The Vehicle Photo Booth Inspiration You Need!

If you are searching for ways to entertain your wedding guests, a photo booth should be your first port of call. Photo booths are quite the trend at weddings these days. When done well they are arguably the highlight of the day. It is becoming a trend to use vehicles as props for photo booths and here are a few ideas as to how you can incorporate them in your wedding.


There is something cute about these yellow autos in our country. When they are beautifully painted and decorated with pretty flowers, it is the best place to click a selfie or a groupfie.


Bicycles are the perfect props for a simple and pretty photo booth. They lend an exotic look to the whole photo booth when decorated festively. A bicycle built for two will have your guests up and posing.

Bullock Cart

What can be better than a beautifully decorated bullock cart to be the backdrop for your photo booth? It will look festive and exotic, creating a perfect place to click your memories!

Chariot framework

What can be more “out of a fairy tale” than a decorated chariot as the prop for your photo booth? Place a well-decorated chariot and make your big day right out of a storybook.

Cycle rickshaws

A cheery decorated cycle rickshaw provides a festive setting, encouraging photo sharing by posting your wedding hashtag.


It is fascinating to see a huge lorry that is beautifully decked up with colourful paints and flowers. Lorrys have been used as props in many movies and a lot of restaurants and dhabas. They provide a beautiful backdrop to a photo booth.


You cannot miss a beautifully decorated background with a colorfully decorated scooter as a background for a selfie opportunity. They will provide the perfect opportunity for your guests to mingle.