An Avid Interview With An Upcoming Make Up Artist

An Avid Interview With An Upcoming Make Up Artist

For the management graduate and who also worked in a corporate company for 3 years in Bangalore, @scarlet-makeup-artistry-by-swathi#, who loved makeup more than anything in the world believed that corporate wasn’t her cup of tea. With a clear mind and a nudge from friends and family, she pursued her carrier into bridal makeup and hair artistry. She walks us through her journey while she speaks to Shopzters. 

“Once I felt that I was going to be doing makeup as my full-time carrier, I quit my job and came back to Coimbatore. I started off humbly by just doing makeup for my friends and family, luckily over the last six months I got umpteen responses and my profession is all set in full swing. 

I should give it to my friends for always being with me and kindling the inborn talent in me. I do have an assistant who helps me through everything as I majorly do the hairstyling and makeup she assists me with everything.

Being a makeup collector since I was a little girl, I now have access to all high end products like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Inglot, Ananstasia Beverly Hills, Estee Lauder and much more. I also don’t offer air-brush makeup to my brides. I always prefer keeping it HD.

Brides these days prefer a no-makeup makeup look. They want a very glowing yet naturally subtle kind of look and that has been so much in vogue now. All they want to do is look neat and classy instead of being all caked-up. Most times I had to convince my brides to go with a bold lip colour or a smoke-y eye that might go well with their outfit. I love to accentuate their beauty much more than they already are. 


Divya Shilpa Rajiv, Durga Moorthy and Dhanya Shankar are my three top most favourite brides. Not that I don’t like the others but it is just that the comfort level with them is pretty more intense. Nevertheless, I loved working with all brides and I absolutely cherish their looks.  

Most importantly the way to a beautiful and glowing skin on your big day is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot and water and sleep as much as possible. I always tip this to my brides and trust me the makeup had turned out really well on their big day while they followed this.