Bar Decor Ideas For Wedding

Weddings are the moments to rejoice and have a good time. Commonly people prefer to have a fancy and sophisticated wedding. With all the other wedding decor, the bar is one of those few places, the wedding guests look at all night long. Creating a unique bar is worth investing in if you want your guests to commemorate the merriment they had for years to come.  

Take some inspiration from these amazing bar décor ideas suggested by renowned Wedding Consultant Pradeep from Marriage Colors and impress your guests with some individualistic choices and contrasts. Without a shred of doubt, you’ll be able to pleasantly surprise your guests as they grab a delicious signature cocktail tailor made for your wedding theme!


Frozen Booze

It is bizarre to be in a place made of ice! A chilling freezing zone where the shooter glasses, test tubes, and goblets all are made up of ice! It seems as if you are in a glass castle. Enjoying the Tequila shots in these quick-freeze shooters is definitely an amazing experience. A fresh mint leaf frozen as an ice cube is an ingenious idea for a mojito.

Luminous Solemn

The blazing colors that are attracting and captivating and the combination of retro and rear makes the Neon decor welcoming and relaxing for your guests. An ambience illuminated with neon lightings, right from the stirrers to crockeries everything has an element of neon. When these colorful bottles are arranged in rows it allows the guests to have a glance before they make their choice. A rather boho-chic idea for the wedding bar.

Desi (or Local) Splendor

Traditional decor for wedding bars can also accustom desi/local themes. A wedding bar designed in a Dhaba style is an attraction for all. The conceptualized layout matches the glassware and seating arrangements accordingly. Sitting on that ‘truck-like’ seating arrangement is fun and worth taking selfies or snapshots with friends and relatives. Allow this unconventional idea to maintain its charm and character rather making it look fancier.


Whimsical Aspect

Under the dark night dazzling with countless stars, hearing the mild raging waves, feeling the cool breeze around and soft golden sand under your feet is intoxicating by itself. A small bar set up here, with a bonfire around which people can sit, sing, dance and mingle will truly be beguiling! So go ahead and plan that explicit wedding of yours at the beach in the midst of romantic nature.

Floral Pattern

Considered best to express any kind of feelings, a wedding bar with an interior decor with a floral theme shall indeed steal the hearts. An ambience with natural or artificial, large or small flowers and designs is one of the clever concepts. Select from the cocktails and mocktails, beers and wines, you will encounter a soothing feeling with the company you have in this natural looking circumjacent. Classic and elegant, this simple arrangement can give your wedding a dignified feel.

Bar On Wheels

A self-serve bar on an antique wagon arranged with tasty signature drinks like passion fruit and Ginger Beer sparkles in ready to pour tap jars is something you would like to try.

A serve-yourself bar or a one attended by the bartender, anyone can be a great option for weddings or receptions until they are eye-catching and designed to detail. The key is to assure that everything is easily accessible and not overcomplicated.