Beauty Magnified! Engagement Pictures Of Pavan And Tejaswini

Some stories are beautiful per se and some stories are made beautiful by the ones who tell it. And then there are stories that are lovely and are told in a superb manner. Now that's an unbeatable combo. For these are the ones that stay with us and keep us warm on wintery nights. Here's one such story fabulously told through the lens of Deepak Vijay. The details add to the overall glamour, happiness and romance in the pictures are making us swoon, and the smiles shared by the couple are cute and infectious.3I1A6638 3I1A6598 copy 3I1A6604 3I1A6627 JS1A2190 3I1A6638 3I1A6700 3I1A6506 3I1A6368 3I1A5989 3I1A5888 3I1A5912 3I1A5893 3I1A5888 3I1A5880 3I1A5861 3I1A5858 3I1A5855 3I1A5912 3I1A5698 3I1A5649 3I1A5452 3I1A5420 3I1A5402 3I1A5771 3I1A5364 3I1A5327 3I1A5273 3I1A5232 3I1A5171 3I1A5150 3I1A5371