Bridal Party Shoot Turned Out Fun! Here's How!

So the great anticipated day arrived, contestants who won Shopzters Bridal Party Contest were contacted and given details on the arrangements. It was one fun day-out for Shopzters with some of the best people, with whom we were associating with, for the Contest. After a day of running around the city of Chennai getting things done and set, we hit the Photo Shoot venue on 27th January. An epic, grand and sweet smelling Confluence Reception warmly welcomed us and helped us get comfortable in some classy villas. Quickly the entire crew settled in and got introduced to each other. In no time the entire crew had bonded, there was laughing, seriously dumb jokes, selfies, make-up stuff and the get-ready buzz was in the air! It was a lovely scene of make-up artists, hair-stylists and costume stylists syncing in and making the gorgeous ladies look like Greek goddesses. They succeeded!!


We're so happy to have associated with some of the best and top most people from different fields. It's truly one of the best things that has happened to Shopzters. While we are looking forward for more, we are excited to give details on how the day turned out to be such bliss, beyond our own imaginations.

Confluence Banquets and Resorts

We've known about Confluence Banquets and Resorts, a beautiful spot, tucked away from the city and perfect for quick getaways, hosting parties, events and many more. We for sure knew that it would make a lovely venue for Shopzters Bridal Party Shoot, but while we still had our doubts if the Confluence team would be able to respond to us in such short notice, we were in for a sweet surprise. Confluence agreed to let us use their premises for the shoot. They helped us check-in and get settled in comfortable villas for the teams to get their make-up and outfits done in. Scrumptious food, warm hospitality and very well co-ordinated staff were such a lovely set-up that definitely helped our pre-shoot preparations! The shoot session at Confluence was a highlight! Well-lit, stunningly beautiful path-ways and beautiful pools in the evening added magic to our frame. The teams felt at home and were quickly comfortable to get the shoot done at Confluence.


It was a great pleasure to meet the young and vibrant Arun Suresh of the Arun Excello Group, who also manages Confluence very efficiently. He was very kind to come and meet with us in spite of his busy schedule. His sweet, unassuming and totally grounded attitude instantly got the entire crew relaxed and boosted for the rest of the day! Thank you Arun for letting us have the best at Confluence. Your support towards Shopzters is greatly valued!

Vipin Photography

With great fan following and busy schedules almost all the time, we were in fact lucky to have Vipin doing the Bridal Party Shoot for Shopzters. His level of patience is very impressive! That's probably what got the girls more mellow and comfortable in front of the camera. His creative shot ideas and making use of all the lovely spots at Confluence made the Photo Session so much more fun and a happy time for the rest of us!


Thank you Vipin and team, we loved the Photo Session and your support and association with Shopzters is truly valued.

Ibrahim, Shabas, Vijay Raghavan and Anu

We're extremely thankful that we got in touch with exactly the right people for make-up and hair-do for the teams at the Bridal Party Shoot. It was great to have with us Ibrahim, Shabas, Vijay Raghavan and Anu with us for the shoot. In spite of their jam packed schedules they were with us to encourage us. This happy-fun and talented team truly made the entire day beautiful and not just that, they made every lovely lady glow and dazzle on the camera. Ibrahim's hard-work and impeccable make-up work was ably supported by Vijay Raghavan's hair-do ideas. This amazingly accommodative team took Beauty to another level.


Thank you Ibrahim, Shaabas, Vijay Raghavan and Anu, you guys did the perfect job any team could ever do. Your love and support for Shopztes, is always precious to us!

Sruthi Kannath

It was like a feather in a cap to have the lively and greatly skilled Stylist Sruthi Kannath with us at the shoot. Her extravagant taste on outfits and designs set the whole Photo Shoot on a happy tone! Her ideas for each person's outlook complimented with the make-up and hair-do that was done. The girls were given exactly what made them look more gorgeous in every way and Sruthi needs to be given credits for the efficiently done styling.


Thank you Sruthi, for the lovely and artistic work you had done in making the girls look stunning on camera. Your love, support and association with Shopzters is greatly treasured!

Pothys Boutique

It was great to associate with the popular Peoples Pothys. Priyadharshini was a great support. Pothys had a wide range of fantastic collections starting from Sarees to Lehengas. Our eyes fell on the wonderful Lehenga collections which without a doubt, made the Photo Shoot even lovlier. We loved our time of shopping at Pothys.


Thank you Pothys. We appreciate your support towards Shopzters.

Sarangi-The Kanjivaram Sari Store

We definitely need to mention the two down to earth, sweet people we got to associate with during Shopzters Bridal Party shoot, Prabodh and Aadesh of Sarangi! It's amazing what they did for us with outfits for Traditional Wear Shoot. It was past their closing time by the time we reached Sarangi the previous night and they, completely understood the rush and waited for us to make our saree selections. Wide range of amazing saree collection at Sarangi totally helped us. We took hardly 10 minutes to select 4 lovely sarees that the lovely ladies graced the shoot with.


They also came all the way to the venue with us, the next day to enjoy the Shoot Sessions too. Thank you Prabodh and Aadesh, it's wonderful to associate with you. Your support and the way you stood by Shopzters is for sure every bit special to us!


This little girl, just bold as ever with her infinite enthusiasm and cheerful vibe, made sure to contribute epic support system for Shopzters in the time of our need. We had last minute hiccups here and there and Monisha without delay or hesitation agreed to help us with some gorgeous dress collections from their wardrobe. The ladies at the shoot looked stunning and fabulous in Monza's floral outfits at the Photo Shoot.


Thank you Monisha, it has been lovely to associate with you and we have to mention that your support for Shopzters is truly God-sent!


Kushal's has been associated with Shopzters for quite a while now. Ankit has been a very good friend and an associate. We knew Kushal's jewellery would add a lovely charm on the ladies. During the jewellery selection the girls were excited and had so much fun selecting their accessories and jewellery and Kushals never gave a no signal.


Thank you Kushals, for adding sparks to the smiles that looked like a million dollars on camera! Your support has always been precious to us.