Colour! Colour! What Colour Do You Choose?

Colour! Colour! What Colour Do You Choose?

Wedding is undoubtedly the most important day of your life. It is after all, your day when for once, you are given due importance. Ummm... let's say, you get to be the diva and order everything about! So, of course, you would want to take charge and ensure that as you step into a new chapter of your life, everything looks perfectly awesome and meets your expectations and standards. That includes giving due attention to what you are wearing, who you are inviting to where you plan to get married. And of course, choosing the right wedding colours is as important as choosing the right venue.

It would be a great idea to go thematic and keep a single colour scheme throughout - starting from wedding invites to the wedding decor. So, what colours would you choose for your wedding saree? Would it be prudent to use the same colour for your flowers, venue and invites? But what colours would you go for, without the decor looking odd against the already existing carpets and wall papers? How to balance bold with subtle? Interested but confused? Don't worry... We have just the right answers! Read on...

1. Favourite Colour 

So... what's your favourite colour? The best course of action would be to start by asking that question and once you have an answer that sounds perfect to you, you are in the right place. Is there a particular theme in your mind? What other colours can you add that will complement the colour already in your mind.

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Photo Source: The Knott Events

2. Do your research 

Internet is a great place to get started. Collect images, ideas or anything that you find offbeat and creative. Personalise by adding your own element of style to it. Create a scrap book of ideas that you can go through from time to time in order to keep you grounded while you are styling your wedding around your tastes.

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Photo Source: The Dream Theme

3. Venue 

Since venues are difficult to find during the wedding season, it would be practical to book long in advance. But even then, sometimes it may not work as you want to and you might end up getting a wedding venue you are not so enthusiastic about. But you do have a choice, you know. By getting the right professionals on board and with a little bit of creativity, you can always jazz up the decor to your high standards. Just make sure that the look and feel of the venue doesn't clash with your colour choice. Some venues may have strong colour themes so make sure you try going neutral or minimalistic on the decor. You don't need funky, you need class!

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Photo Credits: Nikhil Shastri

4. Shades 

Try not to go for the common shades like most weddings. Choose something off the mark and unique. Lighter hues of rustic gold, orange, rich velvety maroons, ambers are all good choices to make. Make sure the colours you choose complement each other without being too loud for the eyes. Go easy!

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Photo Source: Elephanttine

5. Wedding dresses 

Once you have decided on the colour, try to stick to it. There are vibrant choices of colours available and you do not necessarily have to stick to the traditional red and green. Having your bridesmaids stick to the same theme will be appealing to the onlookers.

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Photo Credits: Varun Suresh

Before you whizz off, just remember that the colours you chose will have affect on people's mood. So don't go crazy with bold colours or your guests might feel overwhelmed. Simple is sophisticated if handled the right way. A few personal touches added at just the right places goes a long way too. Similarly, don't get overwhelmed with the idea of perfection. If you feel you need help, get it! And don't forget to have fun. It's your day, girl! Go, have a blast. Rock the day your way...