De-Stress With Your Partner This Weekend

There comes a time in every relationship when the monotonous life starts catching up with you. You have a stressful job, overbearing time schedule and unhealthy eating habits. But this doesn't always need to put out the spark between you and your other half. Plan the perfect de-stress day for both of you this weekend.

Sweat it out

If you both are fitness freaks who love to stay in shape and have fun together, join a gym or a dance class together. Classes which take place over the weekend will not only bring you closer but also create funny and memorable memories for both of you to cherish. Contact your closest gym or dance studio and surprise your loved one.


Breathe in

Make your way to the nearest Art of Living centre and spend a weekend there in silence. As you detoxify your body and soul, you will invariably end up understanding your partner better in the process.


Take a Break

Pick up a picnic basket and go for a long drive along the East Coast road. Then set up a tiny table by the beach and have home-made sandwiches and lemonade together. Sounds like something out of a movie, doesn't it? Take a break from the rush that surrounds us in the city and go to outskirts for a quiet weekend.


Bake Together

Buy a cookbook, chose something both of you would love to eat and start cooking! If your partner and you are both foodies then this will not only be an opportunity to burn some muffins in the kitchen but also to taste a new dish.


Climb a Rock

Love trying something new? This weekend take up rock climbing, river rafting, scuba diving, para sailing, sky diving or trekking. Fortunately, most cities in India have a few adventure sports centres set up along the outskirts. In Chennai, The Wild Tribe Ranch is pretty popular for the diversity it offers.