Dream Wedding!

Dream Wedding!

Every bride has a zillion dreams about her wedding! Here we have, some of Shopzters' brides to share about their dream wedding with all of us :)   Agalya Gopikumar Wedding! The minute I hear this, all that I get on my mind is celebration, celebration and celebration, and nothing else. "My" dream wedding would be one of those unique weddings, as in an Private island wedding. The very thought of my fianc and me on that very island changing rings , makes me excited. I would want each and everything of it , customized . The theme would be something of a black and white combination being it our favorite colors. The dress code would also would be white or black . I always wanted to dress up like a queen in a white gown and with solitaire diamonds. I would also want a cocktail party as they show in most of the songs . When it comes to photography I would specifically want Anbu Jawahar to do it. The food would be a wide spread one with all the famous cuisines. The entire island should be lit up with diyas. I would want my wedding to happen under the light of the moon and that of those lamps. That's all Of it, I would be more than happy. 2 Supriya My dream wedding is one which definitely looks very lavish and is at it's utmost grandeur. In my wedding that I dream of will have a Sangeet Ceremony with friends dancing for several dancy numbers and a Mehendi Ceremony with friends and family. The marriage day should be really special where we as a couple are loved and our love is celebrated by one and all. Me being a bigtime animal person, I would love to have a VEGAN wedding where no harm will be done to animals by way of using them for clothing / food. 10302642_10152474624638824_4335054395483712881_n Elakiya Duraibalan I grew up in a city where there's no beach but is very serene, calm and good scenic views. So i want my wedding to be in the beach where my boyfriend gets to wear a Silver/white suit or a Tuxedo and I wear a beautiful wedding gown. Something like this, Unfortunately for me, I can't do that from being in Coimbatore. Hence my fiance told me that once we move to US he'll host a wedding reception and its going to be the one where I'll be getting to wear a nice wedding gown and have a reception in the side of a small lake and a big corn farm. We are going to have small children dressed in suits and its really going to be a classic reception. Its close to what I always dreamed off.


Shruti Dream wedding to me is A marriage with my loved person with the blessings of my parent's n Tanjore historical temple...... I wanted 2 get married lyk RajaRaja chozhan's daughter n d historical way...... Elephants boasting the pride n richness of the marriage...... nadaswaram, tabla and chanda.... Traditional Musical bands from all over india representing the joy of union in marriage...... The Bride n Groom to be carried in a Pallak and brought..... bride in traditional silk saree with d bride n grooms face weaved in d pallu..... jewelled with antique traditional jewellery. .... Screen-Shot-2014-03-26-at-8.13.08-PM(pp_w900_h597_m1395695622_a78_pMC) Shatchya Rajkumar My dream wedding would be a a perfect christian wedding ( though I am not a christian by birth )with the bride( me ) dressed in a white gown with silvery glitters, and the location would not be a church, but a hall with white and silvery decors with colourful flowers adorning the hall here and there.


Suganya Raman My dream wedding!! An elegant engagement, a joyful Sangeet, a traditional temple wedding Muhurtham and a stylish reception! Pink and red totally!!!!!!!!!


Personalised photographs of us here an there! letters we wrote about each other on the display! Wedding back ground music! Since my community doesn't have any mantra reciting, i have this yearning to have it on the background! A candid getting ready photographs! Wedding jewellery and accesories: I grew up as a girl who hated gold jewellery! Just because I hated it , I never gave a chance to my parents to make any jewellery earlier! But universe had the plans right! Now I understand that my design taste for it is so different from my childhood days and designing them now is just making me so happy! I dream of wearing a traditional red kanchi saree adorning the perfectly traditional designed jewels for me, with traditional accessories and walk on my red carpet , where i march towards my groom meeting with his eyes with so much happiness and love and surprising him with the complete traditional look for the first time! I can't miss out the small detail that i always dream of! Having a beautiful specialised eye makeup and bold lips! (Dunno if I will be good in that! But i hope I'll) Nicely reddened mehandhi with a combo of traditional and arabic/ pakistani design so that it looks bold too when I place my hands on his. A nice haat phool that looks elegant in my hands, when I give something to him.

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It will be the first time I am gonna see him in a traditional dress and jewellery with a beautiful jasmine and rose garland. Hb Varun's photo n videography (I just loved his work) a tasty meal in my community style, ecofriendly give away gifts and the whole decor I dream to be eco-friendly and at the same time, I also don't want to drain parts the nature too!(So I will go for made up structures, or making one for me that can be reused often). Want to have some of my birds singing in my wedding and i want them in my celebration! Apple and thread game!! Reception: An elegant fucshia lehanga(sabya's or tarun's or manish malhotra! Who cares of the cost! dream na!! ) and he in a Grey n black Raymond's suit(His favorite) ! and ofcourse orchid garlands! A pampered massage followed by a make up session! A customised backdrop! A special gift to him! A thanks and 'journey to this moment' note/article to my family and his! Dance with my dad! Hug the bride game! and Games and dance to entertain the crowd! i want to dance with him that day! Dreaming to hear his keyboard playing again that day!!   Janani Rajyasri Bam! :D Every father's fear. How much we girls plan for our wedding! My dream wedding is going to happen in my quaint and serene native, Gobichettipalayam. I am getting married in the very house in which my father and entire ancestors grew up and got married. 1 (4) A great fan of Tanjore paintings which I am, I imagine my wedding having beautiful Tanjore Art. I imagine myself coming on a maatu vandi and the groom on a tractor. I detest loud music and so I am planning to have beautiful Thillanas being played on the background. I love old fashioned 60's sarees with the contrast borders and I have some dear people who customise sarees to my taste. What's a wedding without family? My wedding day will be made only with all my really close cousins with whom I grew up. To me, a wedding is complete only with family. Vidyalakshmi Nair My dream wedding has always been a traditional Kerala wedding in Guruvayoor, where a 100 weddings take place simultaneously many a days over the years. Since the temple event is a quick & crowded affair, only a few can attend which leaves very little to my imagination. After the temple ceremony, the party moves to a hall which is where I can really plan my dream wedding. The wedding setup or the backdrop would be mainly lit with lamps to grace the auspiciousness of the occasion. The guests would be seated at round tables on chairs embellished with gold ties. There would be a small dance platform where children and teens or whoever wish to dance could indulge in their interest while a DJ plays changing genres of music. A very cozy yet traditional wedding with a tinge of sophistication would sum up my dream wedding. :)