Earthy Tones and Brick Shades!!- Pro Talks With Make-Up Artist Akrithi Sachdev.

12592735_933252293420882_6869080758824608921_n     Expert View talks from the most talented and artistic Akrithi , is one of the reasons why we know make-up trends in 2016 are going to be taking some amazing twists and tweak-up the Wedding Scenario vibe for the to-be brides in South India. Glad to have Akrithi share with us.


Hey everyone, this is Akrithi on some new Bridal Make-Up styles that are trending 2016. As of now, brides are very particular about going with make-up that looks more natural, with soft eyes, sharp lines and Vintage Rose lips. They go in for this trending Glow on the skin with still holding natural looks.


Eye make-up trends are also being tweaked a little differently with defined crease and natural brown or gold colors. More earthy tones have taken over the trend. Most of the Brides go in for lashes which makes the eye make-up more interesting in fact.


I would advise Brides to try on new styles and experiment with new shades. Especially for reception make-up, don't go in for plain smokey-eye, instead, go for Bronze-Smokey - Eye make-up, with hint of glitter.


With regards to Lip Color, I would say, use shades that have a hint of Orange which is like an undertone mostly. Those are the kinds of shades that brighten up and blend in with Indian skin complexion. I've been using a lot of something called a Chilly Shade from Mac, which is more of a brick shade and my brides love it!


Brides these days are well read, have a sense of trend, style, fashion and are pretty well versed with make-up too. It's a good thing because it makes our work easier as we know what exactly to give them. It is also amazing to watch them alter their ideas when we pitch in a little twist or tweak and then everything gets much better! I'm looking forward to see what 2016 holds!