Five Unconventional Return Gifts For Your Guests

Five Unconventional Return Gifts For Your Guests

Who says weddings are just to receive presents? This generation of brides and grooms believe in giving back to their guests. They want you to remember their special day with a smile as you enjoy their present to you. We at Shopzters decided to make a list of top 5 unconventional gifts that your wedding guests would appreciate:


Spa Coupons

Who doesn't love a day of relaxation at a spa? Pick a unisex salon, so both the sexes of the family can indulge in some pampering. Specify the amount of the coupon, however it is recommended that you keep the range of amenities it can be used on as wide as possible to cater to everybody.


Floral Handbags

Now these bags look great at functions like sangeet and mehendi where the women are the centre of attraction. You can customise them at websites like Giftag, from the fabric used to the beads that form the sling. If you want to offer more, you can fill up these bags with glass bangles and assorted home-made chocolates.02


Bangle Boxes

Another giveaway that looks great at Mehendi functions where stalls of bangles are often kept. Fill this bangle box by Giftag, and maybe even put in a customised handwritten message into each box so your guests feel extra special.03


Gift Wrapping Kit

Now this an extremely useful present that will remind them of you at every happy occasion they become a part of. Let the wrapping sheets and ribbons match the theme of your wedding, if you have the time you could even get the gift cards engraved with the initials of the guests so they can pass it on with pride.04


Candle Set

Ideal for a reception present, present your guests with customised candles and matchboxes that are embossed with initials or names of you and your partner, add in a few essential oils if you please. You will literally and figuratively light up their house, what more could a happy couple hope for?05