From The Books Of The Most Sort After Makeup Artist

From The Books Of The Most Sort After Makeup Artist

Vithya, we believe half of the Globe knows her for her tireless work in the field of makeup artistry and also by being a wonderful human being. She has gone big from scratch and deserves every bit of the hype she gets today!

Let's hear it from her as she takes us through her journey and the various trends that have been taking rounds in the field of bridal makeup artistry and in general.




"I regard myself as a Makeup Artist, but most people know me as a Bridal Artist/Educator/YouTuber/Blogger, or even a model. I think maybe Public Figure is probably more appropriate, even though being a Makeup Artist is my career.

I have been interested in makeup since a young age, but coming from a very traditional Sri Lankan Tamil household, they expected me to be a Doctor or a Lawyer, and ended up qualifying with a BSc Honours degree in Biology and Psychology. After completing their wish, was I able to venture out and do something I really wanted to do. So I signed up at London College of Fashion, did a one year full time diploma in Hair and Makeup for Fashion Styling, and before I knew it, I started my own company and do at about 100 weddings a year amongst a million other things.



What’s your one fav trend in makeup? 

I love skin. People who make an effort looking after their skin and wanting to look natural on their big day. I follow a lot of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities as I see them as trend setters, or Runway Makeup artists, to see what is becoming a trend. And in all the years of doing this research, skin is always so important; looking as natural and glowing as possible.



What’s your one fav trend in hairstyles? 

I like natural. I like artists who make a hairstyle look as natural as possible. Currently I like the sleek middle parting and a low bun.



What is that one trend that you are bored of? 

Fishtail plaits.



Which one do you choose. Bold makeup or subtle makeup and why? 

Always subtle. Most of my clients who book me, know that that is my style, and that is how I do my own makeup. I like subtle and fresh.



What is the difference you see with Indian brides and non-Indian brides? 

I understand that Indian/Sri Lankan Brides wear bright and bold colours, but they should not think that just because they wear a red outfit, their eyeshadow and lipstick has to be red also, and their nails. It is must classier to let your makeup compliment you, not the outfit.



What is the one advise you would like to give to Indian brides? 

It is nice to let the outfit be the showstopper, or if you want bold makeup, then go a little subtle on the outfit. Having everything loud, just means that you disappear and drown in all the loudness.

Few tips for a glowing and healthy skin? 

I believe on the inside more than expensive skincare. If you eat healthy, and look after your skin very well, you will naturally start getting glowing and healthy skin, or better skin.



Who is your fav celeb/general makeup artist and why? 

I love a lot of the LA based celebrity makeup artists like Hung Vanngo, Patrick Ta, Molly R Stern, etc. But absolutely love Daniel Bauer from Mumbai. My dream would be to collaborate with him.




One makeup trend that was popular in 2017 and one that cropping up in 2018 now.

Over the years, I have seen people toning down on the height of their hairstyle and reducing the amount of makeup too. Having seen Sabyasachi use models of all skin tones and bringing back that Rajasthan style, and having seen Bollywood actresses get married in such simplicity, I think 2018 is going to be all about Banaras Silk Sarees, pastel tones, simple hair and makeup, and a lot of nude lipsticks.

Few words about Shopzters? 

I have followed Shopzters on social media for a very long time, I like that you guys are a one stop platform for everything, not just bridal, I like that you guys encourage and support upcoming artists in the beauty industry and inspire all the women out there to do anything and be anyone they want.