How to Choose your Wedding Photographer - Guest Post by Vijesh, Light Story!

How to Choose your Wedding Photographer - Guest Post by Vijesh, Light Story!

I have always wanted to write this article on how to choose a wedding photographer! I feel it is one of the most important decisions that is to be made with respect to a wedding. While I was thinking of how to go about it, Vijesh of Light Story came to my rescue! Since he is a photographer himself, this article becomes all the more significant! Vijesh very beautifully outlines how you need to identify a wedding photographer so that your dream wedding is effectively captured!


You have the Big Day ahead of you  and suddenly your to-do list no longer fits a small post-it note. There is shopping to do, people to meet and invite, the decor to choose for your special day and well, the list is endless. Weddings are a multi- billion dollar affair in India. Wedding Photography budget has grown close to 8% of the total wedding budget in the recent years. With the influence of other cultures, it has become more colourful than ever.


Choosing a photographer once fell right into the parents territory in Indian weddings. No longer so, as more and more people are interested in a candid coverage of the events which offers much more than a visual attendance register of the guests. Couples want a picture of that moment where they exchanged a slow, knowing smile, their best friends laughing heartily, a guest in the crowd with a funny expression, gleeful children, parents who look wistful, nervous and happy, all at the same time..LightStory-Shopzters-015

Wedding are stressful at times on the couple and adding to that it becomes more stressfull with all the numerous poses of the Photographer, who asks you to look down, bend your back and raise your legs. I see no difference between my album and my mom's that was done 30 years ago! remarked one of my clients who was disappointed that she had engaged only a local flashy photographer to cover her engagement ceremony. That, in my opinion, is the most pressing reason I've ever come across, as to why one should go for a candid photographer...LightStory-Shopzters-05

One of the most common concerns is that there is no dearth of amateurs in this field, and the other one is that anyone with a DSLR calls himself a photographer, these days! If this sounds familiar to you, here are some pointers to help you choose the right photographer for you.


Identify your Wedding Photography needs

Before you jump into the elusive search of your Wedding Photographer, it is important that you list down your photography needs for your big day along with its budget, exact dates of the wedding, location, ceremonies, their durations and expected number of guests. These are typical questions that each wedding photographer might ask you when you get in touch with them. Fix a budget for your Wedding Photography (if possible) it will make short-listing of photographers easier..LightStory-Shopzters-013

Shortlist Wedding Photographer

Social media is a good starting point. Facebook or a Google search will help you identify list of Photographers. Take time to go through the Website/Facebook page of the Wedding Photographer. If you like the style of photography, then, shortlist the photographer. Secondly, ask the experts like CanveraorShopzters. They will recommend the best in town or photographers who meet your needs. Finally, nothing like getting a recommendation from a friend about the Photographer they hired or know.



Get in touch with the photographers, talk to them about your wedding dates and check for their availability and pricing. See what all they have got to offer, from the hours of shoot, digital copies to printed deliverables. Most Photographers will show you samples, else ask for samples on each of the deliverables. Look out for timing if the photograph has been captured at the right moment to capture the essence of the moment. Timing is more important than any post production gimmick.426541_487449074654728_1327541602_n

You would only find less than 5% of Wedding pictures in the Photographers portfolio, So I'd strongly suggest viewing an album of a single event rather than going through a collection of pictures from multiple events. This is important for two reasons. You'll be able to choose the photographer whose style of work appeals to you. It isn't just about technical brilliance, but a matter of perspective too, and one style may appeal to you more than the other.

It's entirely possible to create an illusion of splendid coverage, when it's a collection of good pictures from multiple events. After all, you should be expecting several brilliant captures from your wedding. Just a few of them will simply not do..1474411_595494890516812_151969358_n

Indian Weddings are unpredictable that a paternal uncle who came to the Wedding moved a particular ceremony from 6pm to 7pm. Is your Wedding Photographer willing to be flexible? Different photographers offer different types of packages. See if you are able to customize it to the extent you'd want to. You might not want to go in for a photographer who absolutely insists that you print the album or that you must go in for a casual shoot. These are good to have, but ultimately the choice must be yours.


Know your Photographers, the background they are coming from and at times take a glance at their non wedding portfolio as well. Wedding Photography is not just about weddings. It is about a bit of story-telling, it is about being quick and witty with the camera and a bit of Photojournalism and a bit of portraiture. Checkout their flickr, tumblr or 500px feed. It will help to understand if they are recently bit by a shutter bug or they have diverse photography history and portfolio.



Go though the Wedding Photographers' contract and packing carefully. Agree upon all the items that you need well in advance and enjoy the Wedding. Understand the deliverables and clarify all your questions in advance (There is nothing like a silly questions!). Ask for his backup options and about his team and also the time taken for the deliverables after the wedding.


The Wedding Photographers are few of the important people who will be part of the wedding celebrations. They are the ones who are going to be alongside all the ceremonies and will create the ever lasting memory for you. Its important that you feel comfortable and confident with their abilities. You should be able to relax and enjoy the celebrations. When you are relaxed, it will come through in your photos.

"Remember you are not just paying for your photographs, you are buying an experience!"


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