Love The Magical Lotus? Here's How You Can Make It The Focal Point of Your Wedding Decor!

Love The Magical Lotus? Here's How You Can Make It The Focal Point of Your Wedding Decor!

The lotus flower has important significance in Indian mythology. Lotus is considered as a symbol of purity and beauty. What better theme for your wedding décor, than the lotus flower?

The flower by itself resembles a bouquet and it will be an apt idea to choose if for your decorations. It will signifying the purity and beauty of your union with your spouse.  Here are a few inspirations for you!


Nothing beats a classy yet simple background. It is a good idea to use a bold and big lotus motif in the center of your backdrop and keep the rest of the area in neutral or contrasting colours. Remember to make a statement with the center motif by using red, pink, white or orange flower petals. This decoration will leave to jaws of your guests on the floor!


If you are someone who is a big fan of lotuses and cannot get enough of them, then this style is for you. You can have small multiple motif on the background that are made with flower petals and cardboard cut stencils on a well lit and decorated background. If you are an art buff, you can use hand painted lotus motifs on the background which will serve as a perfect background for all your wedding photos.


If you want to keep your guests discussing about your wedding décor even after a week of your wedding, this out-of-the-box idea is for you! Why not make the stage itself resemble a lotus? Here are a few ideas for you.


An understated look for using lotus in your wedding décor is to use it as a ceiling decoration. It can be made using flowers and flower petals and hung with elegant satin drapes for a dreamy effect!