How To Innovatively Display Food In Your Wedding

How To Innovatively Display Food In Your Wedding

It's your big day, can you believe it ? You will be running around making sure everything is perfect; the cards, the seating, the music, the videography, photography but wait, have you thought about the food? Food, food and food! The one most important part of your wedding that your guests will surely remember for a long time.

We bring you the exclusive, the most creative and the most innovative ideas that are sure to make your wedding a day worth remembering.

Be Your Own Chef

Strolling stations, an idea that will get all your guests popping with excitement. With a wide range of menu options, your guests can interact with the chefs and have a go at making their own palate. Not only does this let your guests mingle with one another but also helps the mothers keep their children busy at donut bars or a sundae bar.

Food From Wonderland

Science can be more fun than we take it to be. Using some simple and harmless chemicals, chefs recreate mouth watering delicacies for your guests. Molecular gastronomy chefs use carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other safe to eat chemicals to cook, freeze, boil and melt. Nitrogen ice-cream treats is one of the most popular entertainment ideas.

Chilling Delicacy

We bring you the most chilling idea of all time, ice! From sorbet dishes, salad plates to beer mugs, anything and everything can be carved from ice. These stunning ice sculptures are flawless and they stand out to be the most captivating idea in any wedding. The crystal clear ice bar can be used to serve chilled food such as seafood or any other dishes according to your theme and decor.

Creativity redefined

Food is something that you can create, recreate and still keep creating. You'll be amazed to see the vast range of possibilities. Whether it's a cake stand decorated with a floral theme or a cupcake stand arranged in the shape of a wine bottle, it's bound to keep your guests in awe.

Edible Tableware

What if you could eat your cake and your spoon? Who wouldn't love to eat the cutlery as well, right? Using a wide range of ingredients like rice flour, fruits and vegetables and food items shaped into cutlery like chocolate spoons, crackers, cookies fork, shortbread cookie spoon or a bowl, you can add a kick to your wedding food. This idea will definitely steal the hearts of the young children and will make them eat their food properly.

Make your wedding day a fun day, with some of these brilliant ideas! Special thanks to Pradeep of @marriage-colours# for sharing the ideas and he says, “Every cook can make food but only a few can turn those simple dishes into works of art.”