How To Match The Perfect NethiChutti With Your Face Shape!

How To Match The Perfect NethiChutti With Your Face Shape!

Getting ready for your big day and you got everything in order from your gorgeous red sari to your shimmering gold bangles and the dazzling nose ring, still your look seems incomplete – what’s missing? Is it the Nethi Chutti?  The chic, ethnic and oh-so-pretty headgear is how we define ‘Nethi Chutti’ it’s THE ORNAMENT that makes a bride, A BRIDE!

Now that you have Nethi Chutti on your mind, you need to make sure you are picking the right one for your face shape.

This is how you can find the perfect Nethi Chutti for your face:

Oval Face – If you have an oval face then you must consider yourself really lucky because your face shape is the most symmetric of all the other types. What does that mean? That means, you can don any style of jewelry without worrying whether or not you’ll be able it pull it off. So far as Nethi Chuttis are concerned you are free to experiment with simple or detailed, big or small, either one of the many options will suit your face!

Square Face – A square face comes with extraordinary cheekbones and an exceptional jaw-line, for women with a square face the Nethi Chutti they choose must soften their features. The best option for you is a mughal style Nethi Chutti (otherwise also known as Jhumar or Passa). Not only does it look elegant and eccentric it also helps in diverting attention from the centre of the face.

Long Face – A long face means you need to be really careful about your choice in jewelry; you don’t want to put on something that makes your face seem longer! Big, heavy and dazzling Nethi Chuttis were made especially for your face shape. Word of caution – pick a piece that adds width to your face, not length. And for pendants, you shouldn’t pick angular ones rather go for a round pendent.

Heart Face – If you have a heart face shape then that means you have a wide forehead and a pointed chin. When picking out a Nethi Chutti you should pick something that highlights your jaw-line. Graceful, layered Nethi Chuttis and a heart face are a match made in heaven. On top of that, multilayered Nethi Chuttis are also trendy, magnificent and dramatic – that pretty much defines the #StyleGoals of today’s brides.

Round Face – BIG Nethi Chuttis are a BIG ‘No-No’ for you because they’d hide most of your forehead, the same applies to big circular pendants too, your Nethi Chutti design should have angles and corners. As much as you’d like to wear a Kemp Chutti your round face shape can’t pull it off, however if you are someone who won’t take no for an answer then try this out – Just wear the Kemp pendant of the Chutti and take out everything else.

To sum it up:

You can take your bridal look from ordinary to extraordinary just by wearing the perfect Nethi Chutti for your face shape. Considering how much you spend on your stunning bauble, you might as well make the most of it, right?