Invisible Brush Strokes, Visible Romance - A Heart-stealing Photo Series

Before technology took over the world, artists captured the images of life and nature and people with pens and papers. Now we strive to use the same technology to reproduce works of art, of paintings and sketches in a virtual space. We add colour, light and warmth using editing apps. We add romance and immortalize moments by hiring professionals who use fancy equipment and head off to exotic locations. And though technology can't reproduce the smell of oil on canvas, it sure can produce works of art so beautiful, it would make you weep. These enchanting photos have put a spell on us and we don't want to wake from it.

  1. This romantic photo has it all- a happy couple strolling through the countryside, walking hand-in-hand, sheep grazing on the hillside background, and above them a sky painted in a burnished gold colour.1 Credits : Studio A
  2. When you're exuberant you kind-of-sort-of want to grab your loved one and sweep them off their feet, sharing your happiness with them and always them. And this couple captures that moment in folksy style.2                                           Credits : Mystic Studios
  3. And this couple captures it differently, in middle of the woods.3         Credits : Stories By Joseph Radhesh
  4. Spreading your arms wide, tilting your head heaven-ward, eyes closed, enjoying the breeze, the dying embers of daylight, and a man reaching out to you to ask you to enjoy more sights like this with him forever- now isn't that dreamy? 4         Credits : Studio Vaibhava
  5. For every hard-core LOTR fans, this is the honeymoon of their dreams. 5 Credits : Studio A
  6. Enamoured by each other, this gentleman and lady pause and freeze the 'lost-in-your-eyes' moment, even as the gentle breeze that tugs at her gown.  6 Credits : Studio A
  7. This couple sailing on a boat, as the fog glides over the lake in this isolated haven, seem to say 'I'd choose no one else beside you to share this journey'. 7 Credits : Ashok Arsh
  8. This little piece of dry land in the middle of a lake is enough for me, and with you in it, I'm already richer than most.8
  9. Moments like these are precious. And the best way to colour them is to use every bright and vivid shade in the spectrum.9 Credits : Ramit Batra
  10. When you're taking a walk with a special someone, and it's starting to get dark, the mood changes and the atmosphere gets electric.10 Credits : Rakesh Prakash
  11. If you find yourself in a place where there is a great blue sky above, and crashing waves below, the land beneath your feet brown and green as befits the earth, and a loved one beside you, pull them close and seal the deal.11 Credits : Stories By Joseph Radhesh
  12. If your partner makes you happy, hold on to them and don't let go.12 Credits : Minchu Studio
  13. What's more exotic than green rolling hills all around you 13 Credits : Minchu Studio
  14. Waltzing. Now there's a dance that packs romance and heat and electricity especially during a slow song.14 Credits : Epics By Avinash
  15. The world around us may go to ruin, but if you'll have me, there will be colour and beauty in my life, and that'll be enough to sustain.15 Credits : Priya Vision
  16. Let's dance our way through life 16 Credits : Mystic Studios
  17. Standing on a riverbank with the sun setting behind the couple- a classic romance.17 Credits : Vipin
  18. This couple celebrates the trek on the metaphorical bridge of their life journey.18 Credits : The Memory Writers
  19. This cinematic posing is giving us chills.Credits : MInchu Studio Credits : MInchu Studio
  20. Let's dive into this pool of love and be blessed and blissed Credits : Creative Wedding Photography Credits : Creative Wedding Photography