Love Food? Live Food Stations Are All You Need

Love Food? Live Food Stations Are All You Need

Guests come to a wedding to enjoy the fun festivities and the company of close friends and family, but let us be honest- it is the food that is our biggest attraction! Food brings people together and allows your guests to mix and mingle. What can be more exciting than hot, delicious, bite-sized fresh food that is prepared right in front of you? Here are a few food items your live food counters can carry!

Chaat counters

Indians love street food and are great fans of chaat. It is mouthwatering to watch the chaatwala prepare your requested chaat in front of you. Nothing is more appetizing than freshly prepared chaat, which will surely be a hit amongst your guests.

Juice, mocktails and drinks

From cold drinks to mocktails, juice bar is a true example of a live counter station that is your one-stop for all the refreshing drinks. We assure you that your guests will love coconut water, mocktails and any juice served in these counters.

Treat for all your sugar cravings

There can be no Indian wedding without loads of sweets, be it Indian sweets or western desserts. Nothing can satisfy your sweet tooth like a live counter for candyfloss, crepes, Indian sweets, ice cream rolls, donuts or cupcakes. You will surely attract crowd from all age groups!



French fries and kebabs

French fries are a classic go to snack, an extremely popular and widely loved delicacy. Who can resist piping hot and fresh potato fries that are prepared right in front of your eyes? Kebas are a healthy and tasty, a great option for live counters. The aroma and sizzling sounds draw all your guests to the counter and it is a great appetizer!

International favourites

Some of the favourite international dishes are pizza, pasta and momos. People love to taste new cuisines with exotic flavours in them. All these food items can be bite-sized or served slice-wise. Freshly baked, oven-made or steamed food are favourite videshi dishes.


Paan is an all-time favourite way to end a delicious meal. Paan when prepared and customized in front of your guests will be the busiest food counter.


Popcorn is a fun treat to enjoy at weddings! Add some delicious toppings and flavours and you have yourself a quirky live counter. To make them more attractive find unique ways to serve them, like in a cone or in cute little boxes!



Fresh and light is the trend today. Sandwiches are one such tasty and light snack loved by all. With so many courses served at weddings these days, it is so important to not weigh down your guests but to keep them light and happy for a night on the dance floor.


Live Dosai Counter-

And last but not the least, our all time favourite- the crowd-puller- live Dosai counter! This particular delicacy perfectly balances flavour and variety. A recent trend we have come across is the ’99 Dosa’ trend, where chefs dish out about 99 different varieties of dosais in various cuisines and styles. Right from our traditional kal dosai with chilli powder to the cheddar cheese topped pizza dosai, you get it all! It caters to both the traditional conservative food lovers to the experimental young X gen who love to explore new flavours with a twist!