Nature Infused Decor From Flora Wedding Planners!

Nature Infused Decor From Flora Wedding Planners!

We came across this wedding decor by Flora Wedding Planners and found it to be a refreshing contrast to the run of the mill ones and wanted to share it with you all instantaneously.  Here's what they have got to say about  the decor.

'Floral backdrops radiate an aura of happiness and freshness ! Here we are to break the cliche of the monotonous decor !

Meet Mr.Ganesha who welcomed the guests with a wide smile ????

The whole aisle was covered in a camel coloured carpet which blended perfectly with the backdrop !

Pinned handmade coconut leaf mats and parrots nested at the entrance posed a grand welcome to the guests !

Parrot themed backdrop was a blend of creativity infused with colour and class !

Strings of blooms were festooned from the netted roof alongside the elegant palanquin frame !

Embossed 3-dimensional floral motives in various hues was an eyeball grabber!'