Photography Of The Month! - January'16

Perfect shots, perfect timing and capturing raw emotions on frame all of these don't happen just like that. It takes energy, a mental picture of the frozen moment, a thoughtful eye through the lens and a Photographer (of course!) whose drive is the challenge that Wedding Photography happens to bring in to the scene. Meet Rohit of Weva Photography, who seems to have gotten all the above said right on track. No wonder To-Be-Weds love his works that are quickly becoming a Buzz in town.


Hey! This is Rohit from Weva Photography! We are a team of six Photographers, based in Kochi. We do Wedding Shoots abroad as well as in India. The best part of this 5 year journey is that we get to travel together as a team to witness some amazing wedding unions and we get to help them frame memories for a lifetime.


I was basically a User Interface Designer. I've always had my passion towards Photography. Mr. Sineesh, a good friend of mine and I, together started off with venturing Photography. We still work together. It's awesome!


Weva specializes in Wedding Photography and Videography. We have a very energetic and passionate team that works in an organized way. It's not easy to find teams that can sync in at all times. But we do!


My style of Candid Photography, I would say, also depends on the needs and interests of my clients. It is important that we all get to work along the same lines to put to use all the resources we have and make the best out of it. It also depends on the ambience at a wedding and the kind of vibe the people at the wedding are inclined towards.


We schedule photography sessions around the comfort level and timings the couple give us. That helps with lesser hassle, more smiles and better Candid Shots for me.


Wedding Photography is very different from other photography one gets to cover. While getting candid shots or posed shots depend on the creativity of the photographer, it also depends on how well you can manage a wedding shoot with presence of mind. You need to watch out for emotions and feelings that are raw and get them framed right then. You miss out even on one moment and it's gone. Well, it's that Challenging Factor that drives me and inspires me to love being a Wedding Photographer.


We have done a few Celebrity Weddings along the way. To name a few, we covered Director Alphonse Putharen's wedding and also Actress Archana Kavi's wedding. It was a great experience working with them.


To other Photographers who are venturing Wedding Photography, I would say, carefully strategize your work, if needed, you can even get the help of a Photographer to assist you. With Wedding Photography, experience is very important and if you manage to make use of all the opportunity that comes your way, by giving it your best shot, then that itself is an achievement. Manage your clients well, be it communicating with them, understanding their needs and even with delivering your work on time. It's all these important things can help you reach heights!